OEM Factory Direct Upgraded Replacement Blower Assembly (Trane)

OEM Factory Direct Upgraded Replacement Blower Assembly (Trane)
Code: MOT0342A
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OEM Factory Direct Upgraded Replacement Blower Assembly (Trane)

Trane Blower Assembly Includes:
Blower Housing, Blower Wheel & Motor.

Motor Specifications:
H.P.: 1/3
Volts: 115
Phase: 1
RPM: 1075
Speeds: 1
Type: PSC
Bearings: Sleeve
Rotation: CCW
Frame: 48


PLEASE NOTE: All PSC Motors are design to be used with an external capacitor. The Capacitor operates in the Motor Circuit continuously. It is commonly referred to as a run capacitor. The Run Capacitor is designed to keep a constant and even flow of power going to the Motor. The Run Capacitor is sold separately. * Order New Run Capacitor Part Number: 5MRCP

Blower Wheel Specifications:
Diameter: 10"
Width: 7"
Hub: 1/2"

Replaces Blower Motor Part Numbers:

MOT-4716 MOT4716 MOT04716 1468-220P 1468-2209 51-20814-01 8067621 34334500 KA55HXDEW-7185 HQ604007EM 604007 102514 1009054 HQ611798EM 321P591 611798 KA53HXBGF-281 R0116219 R1162-20 MOT3082 5KCP39HG9174S 5KCP39GE S336 MOT02622 MOT2622 5KCP39HG9 K55HXENB8874 P8-7505 P87505 P8-9450 P89450 K55HXENB 48A11650 7126-0107 D812 4VA29 5KCP39JG-P752 5KCP39JGP752 MOT04716 MOT4716 CAR4M169 CARS88257 CARD812 CAR6GC84 CAR3LU79G

Replaces Blower Wheel Part Numbers

WHL0536 7995B856 7995-656/D 02624069700 013336-02 013335-02 DD9-7A 1472-2751 01332503M DD97A CAR01333602

Replaces Blower Housing Part Numbers:
HUS1568 CARHUS01568

Replaces Blower Assembly Part Numbers:
WHL034265 BLW0342 CARBLW00342

Used In American Standard Tranr Equipment Model Numbers:
TUD060R936A1 TUD060R936A2 TUD060R936A3 TUDO60R936A1 TUDO60R936A2 TUDO60R936A3 TDD080R936B0 TDD080R936BO TUD080C936B0 TUDO80C936B0 TDD080C936A2 AUD060C936A1 AUD060C936C0 AUD060R936A1 AUD080C936A1 AUD080C936B0 AUD080R936A1 AUD100C936A1 AUD100C936B0 AUD100R936A1 CUD060C936A1 CUD060C936A2 CUD060C936A3 CUD060R936A1 CUD060R936A2 CUD060R936A3 CUD080C936A1 CUD080C936A2 CUD080C936A3 CUD080R936A1 CUD080R936A2 CUD100C936A1 CUD100C936A2 CUD100C936A3 CUD100R936A1 CUD100R936A2 CUD100R936A3 FUAA060A30A0 FUAA060A30A1 FUAA060A30B0 FUAA060A30C0 FUAA060A30D0 FUAA060A30D1 FUAA060A30E0 FUAB080A030C0 FUAB080A30A0 FUAB080A30A1 FUAB080A30B0 FUAB080A30D0 FUAB080A30D1 FUAB080A30E0 TUD060C936A0 TUD060C936A1 TUD060C936B1 TUD060C936C0 TUD060C936X0 TUD060C936X1 TUD060R936A0 TUD060R936A1 TUD060R936A2 TUD080C936A0 TUD080C936A1 TUD080C936B0 TUD080C936B1 TUD080C936X0 TUD080C936X1 TUD080R936A0 TUD080R936A1 TUD080R936A2 TUD100C936A0 TUD100C936A1 TUD100C936B0 TUD100C936B1 TUD100R936A0 TUD100R936A1 TUD100R936A2 TUE060A936A0 TUE060A936A1 TUE060A936B0 TUE080A936A1 TUE080A936B0 BLU055E936B1 ADD080C936C3 TUD080C936B0 TUDO80C936B0 TUC060C936B0 TUCO60C936B0 AUD080C936H3 TUJO60A936A1 TUJ060A936A1 AUDO80C936J1 AUD080C936J1 TUD060R936K1 TUD060R936K2