8 Pin's General Purpose Relay (24 Volt Coil)

8 Pin's General Purpose Relay (24 Volt Coil)
Code: REL224VAC
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General Purpose Relays 24 Volt Coil:

• Totally enclosed relays ideal for vending machines, motors, HVAC systems, elevators and other applications
• 1500V dielectric strength with silver cadmium oxide contacts
• Pin configurations differ among relays; carefully check relays and sockets before installation
Specifications:COIL Voltage:24 Volts ** Contact Action:DPDT: ** Number of Pins:8 ** Relay Style:SKAP **

Contact rating 13A resistive @ 28VDC, 120VAC; 10A resistive @ 240VAC; 1/3HP @ 120VAC; 1/2HP @ 240VDC SKAP-2C-24VAC SKAP2C24VAC CARG32217..