50 MFD 440 Volt Round Run Capacitor.

50 MFD 440 Volt Round Run Capacitor.
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Round Run Capacitor 50 MFD 440 Volt

For continuous, heavy-duty applications such as heating and air conditioning motors for all brands makes and models.

Match up the MFD Rating and the Voltage Rating for the Proper Capacitor.

Replaces Capacitor Part Numbers:

CPT0273 CPT273 Z97F5211 CPT00238 CPT0238 CPT238 43-25136-34 432513634 024-24054-000 02424054000 CARG32164..

Used in Equipment Models:

TWD748B-100A1 TWD748B100A1 TWD742A100A1 TWP060C100A1