1/4 in. NPT pipe size Solenoid Pilot Gas Valve (Honeywell)

1/4 in. NPT pipe size Solenoid Pilot Gas Valve (Honeywell)
Code: GSV4046C121
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Provide on-off control of natural, LP and manufactured gases to pilot burners in industrial and commercial applications.


• Magnetically operated, normally closed.
• Provide instantaneous action when energized.
• On power failure, valve closes in one second maximum.
• Use in any position, directly in pipe line or on support bracket.
• Replace the solenoid coil without removing the valve body from the piping connections.
• Straight-through valve pattern.
• Available in line voltage or low voltage models.

Product Specifications

Description Solenoid Pilot Gas Valve, 1/4 in. NPT pipe size
Type of Gas Air, natural, manufactured, and LP
Pipe Size (inch) 1/4 in.
Pipe Size (mm) 6 mm
Capacity (cfh) 20 cfh
Capacity (m³/hr) 0.57 m3/hr
Valve Opening Time 1 sec max
Valve Closing Time 1 sec max
Pressure Ratings (psi) 10 psi
Pressure Ratings (kPa) 68.9 kPa
Body Pattern Straight-through
Mounting Directly in pipe or on support bracket
Materials (Body) Aluminum
Voltage 120 Vac;110 Vac
Frequency 60 Hz;50 Hz
Electrical Connections Two 36-in. leadwires and 1/2 in. conduit bushing
Power Consumption 8 W
Operating Temperature Range (F) -40 F to +125 F
Operating Temperature Range (C) -40 C to +52 C
Dimensions (in.) 3 in. high x 2 5/8 in. wide x 1 5/8 in. deep
Dimensions (mm) 76 mm high x 67 mm wide x 41 mm deep
Approvals, Underwriters Laboratories Inc Listed: File No. MH1639, V3, S3 - Guide No. YIOZ
Approvals, Canadian Standards Association Certificate No. 158158-2500006058, Guide No. C3371-03, 83
Approvals, Factory Mutual Approved: Report No. 17450
Approvals, Industrial Risk Insurers Acceptable

Replaces Part Numbers:

V4001D1014 511-44-40 5114440 10C103 P-8-6075 P86075 AH30-121G80 AH30121G80 V4046C1021 CARV4046C1021