8" x 6" Deluxe Bar Style Supply Register up to 50% more air flow.

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8" X 6" Deluxe Aluminum Bar Supply Register:

Color White:

Each vertical louver on this Register can be adjustable to any direction.

Single lever handle with multi-louver rear damper.
This Deluxe Bar Register allows up to 50% more air flow than regular stamped face grilles.
Excellent choice for central air conditioning and hard to heat areas.
Each register is individually wrapped. Counter sunk screw holes.
1/4" hexagon head screws provided.
If we do not show the register or grill you need for a specific size, please send us an E-Mail or call us Today.

* When Ordering your New Replacement Supply Register. *


The Proper way to Order the Correct Replacement Register is by Measuring the Hole Size.

Measure the Holes Width and Height.
If your Supply Registers Hole Size is 10" wide by 6" tall, you will need to order a Register:10" x 6".
The Overall Supply Register Frame Size is 1-7/8" x Width by 1-7/8" x Height bringing the entire Register Grille Size to 11-7/8" x 7-7/8".
The extra 1-7/8" is designed to hide the old paint markings on the wall, Floor or ceiling area.

* Frequently Asked Questions *

What is "Free Area"? Free area is the total minimum area of the openings in the supply outlet or return inlet (usually in square inches) through which air can pass. Also known as the "see-through area". (See also "effective area"). What is "Effective Area" ? Effective area is the net area (in square feet) of a grille utilized by the area stream in passing through the face openings. It is used the the equation: CFM= Face Velocity X Effective Area. This is the basis for most engineering data