Universal Compressor CrankCase Heater fits any Compressor up to 5 Ton's.

Universal Compressor CrankCase Heater fits any Compressor up to 5 Ton's.
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Universal Crankcase Heater for Tecumseh, Bristol, Copeland Compressors.

Heater Description:

Self Regulating Crankcase Heater, AC Voltage 208-277 Volts, Minimum Power 32 Watts @ 50 Degrees Fahrenheit, Wrap Around 40 Inches or Less.
Replaces Part Numbers:

44-17402-47 441740247 55-40782-40 554078240 701327 1Z162 1053447 708849 CCH-2C CCH2C CARB12547 CAR4MC05

Used In ICP Equipment Model Numbers:
CA5030VKB1 CU342AODIT CU342AQD1T 867.81023 867.81024 CU325AQD1C CU325BQD1C CU329BQD1C CU336BQD1C CU342AQD1T NCAB018AB01 NCAB024AB01 NCAB024AB02 NCAB029AB01 NCAB029AB02 NCAB033AB01 NCAB036AB01 NCAB041AB01 NCABA24AB01 867.815025 CA1012QKA1 CA1012VKA1 CA1024QKA1 CA1024VKA1 CA1036QKA1 CA1036QKB1 CA1036VKB1 CA3018QKA1 CA3018QKA2 CA3018QKA3 CA3018VKA1 CA3018VKA2 CA3018VKA3 CA3024QKA1 CA3024QKA2 CA3024VKA1 CA3024VKA2 CA3030QKA1 CA3030QKB1 CA3030VKA1 CA3030VKB1 CA3036QKA1 CA3036QKB1 CA3036VKA1 CA3036VKB1 CA3042QKA1 CA3042VKA1 CA3048QKA1 CA3048VKA1 CA3060QKA1 CA3060QKA2 CA3060VKA1 CA3060VKA2 CA4042VKD1 CA4048VKC1 CA4060VKC1 CA5018SKA1 CA5024SKA1 CA5030QKB1 CA5030SKA1 CA5030VKB1 CA5036QKB1 CA5036SKA1 CA5036VKB1 CA5042SKA1 CA5048SKA1 CA6018VKA1 CA6024VKA1 CA6030VKA1 CA6036VKA1 CA6042VKA1 CA6048VKA1 CA6060VKA1 CA7024QKA1 CA7024VKA1 CA7060QKA1 CA7060VKA1 CBY036H1 CBY048H1 CBY060H1 CH3012QKA1 CH3012VKA1 CH3012VKA2 CH3018QKA1 CH3018VKA1 CH3018VKA2 CH3024QKA1 CH3024VKA1 CH3024VKA2 CH3030QKA1 CH3030VKA1 CH3030VKA2 CH3036QKA1 CH3036QKA2 CH3036VKA1 CH3036VKA2 CH3060QKA2 CH3060VHA2 CH3060VKA2 CH5018QKA1 CH5018QKA2 CH5018VKA2 CH5024QKA2 CH5024VKA2 CH5030QKA2 CH5030VKA2 CH5036QKA2 CH5036VHA2 CH5036VHA4 CH5036VHA5 CH5036VKA2 CH5042QKA2 CH5042VKA2 CH5048QKA2 CH5048VHA2 CH5048VHA4 CH5048VHA5 CH5048VHA6 CH5048VKA2 CH5048VKA6 CH5060QKA2 CH5060QKA3 CH5060VHA2 CH5060VHA3 CH5060VHA4 CH5060VHA5 CH5060VHA6 CH5060VKA2 CH5060VKA3 CH5060VKA6 NPABA49BH01 NPABA59BH01 NPABA60BB01 NPADC24AB02 NPADC24AB03 NPADC29AB02 NPADC29AB03 NPADC36AB01 NPADC41AB02 NPADC41AB03 NPADC47AB02 NPADC47BB01 NPHCB25AK03 NPHCB25AK04 NPHCB29AK03 NPHCB29AK04 NPHCB36AK03 NPHCB36AK04 NPHCB42AK02 NPHCB42AK03 NPHCB48AH01 NPHCB48AK01 NPHCB60AH01 NPHCB60AK01 NRGF24DDB03 NRGF24DDB04 NRGF24DKB03 NRGF24DKB04 NRGF30DDB03 NRGF30DDB04 NRGF30DKB03 NRGF30DKB04 NRGF36DDB03 NRGF36DDB04 NRGF36DDH02 NRGF36DDH03 NRGF36DKB03 NRGF36DKB04 NRGF36DKH02 NRGF36DKH03 NRGF36EDB02 NRGF36EDB03 NRGF42DDB03 NRGF42DDB04 NRGF42DKB03 NRGF42DKB04 NRGF42EDB02 NRGF42EDB03 NRGF48EDB02 NRGF48EDB03 NRGF48EDH02 NRGF48EDH03 NRGF48EKB02 NRGF48EKB03 NRGF48EKH02 NRGF48EKH03 NRGF48FDB02 NRGF48FDB03 NRGF60EDB03 NRGF60EDB04 NRGF60EDH03 NRGF60EDH04 NRGF60EKB03 NRGF60EKB04 NRGF60FDB03 NRGF60FDB04 NRGF60FDH03 NRGF60FDH04 NRGF60FKH03 NRGF60FKH04 NRLF24DDB04 NRLF30DDB04 NRLF36DDB04 NRLF42DDB04 NRLF48EDB03 867.810113 867.810124 867.810134 867.810144 867.81105 867.811052 867.81106 867.81116 867.811161 867.811171 867.814464 867.816611 867.816622 867.816632 867.816652 867.816662 867.81711 867.81714 867.81922 867.820822 867.82191 867.82192 867.82193 867.821931 867.82194 867.82195 867.82196 A2P024A2Y1 A2P030A2Y1 A2P036A2Y1 A2P042A2Y1 A2P048A2Y1 A2P048A4Y1 A2P060A4Y1 A4S518A3V1 A4S524A3V1 A4S530A3V1 A4S536A3V1 A4S548A3V1 A4S560A3V1 A8S524A3V1 A8S524A3V2 A8S530A3V2 A8S536A3V2 A8S542A3V2 A8S548A3V1 CA1018VWA1 CA1024VWA1 CA1030VWA1 CA1036VWA1 CA1036VZA1 CA1042VWA1 CA1042VZA1 CA1048VZA1 CA1060VZA1 CA4018QKA1 CA4018QKA2 CA4018VKB1 CA4018VKC1 CA4024QKA1 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NCABA36BH01 NCABA36VB01 NCABA36VH01 NCABA36VH02 NCABA42AB01 NCABA42AB02 NCABA42BB01 NCABA42VB01 NCABA42VB02 NCABA47AB01 NCABA47AB02 NCABA47AB03 NCABA47AH01 NCABA47AH02 NCABA47BB01 NCABA47BB02 NCABA47VB02 NCABA47VB03 NCABA47VH01 NCABA47VH02 NCABA59AB01 NCABA59AB02 NCABA59AH01 NCABA59AH02 NCABA59BB01 NCABA59BH01 NCABA59VB02 NCABA59VH01 NCABA59VH02 NCAD024AB01 NCAD029AB01 NCAD037AB01 NCAD042AB01 NCAD042AB02 NCAD048AB01 NCAD048AB02 NCAD058AB01 NCAD058AB02 NCADA24AB01 NCADA24AB02 NCADA29AB02 NCADA37AB02 NCADA42AB02 NCADA48AB02 NCADA58AB02 NCAE024AB01 NCAE029AB01 NCAE029AB02 NCAE037AB01 NCAE042AB01 NCAE042AB02 NCAE048AB01 NCAE048AH01 NCAE058AB01 NCAE058AH01 NCAF018AB01 NCAF024AB01 NCAF024AB02 NCAF029AB01 NCAF042AB01 NCAF042AB02 NCAF047AB01 NCAF056AB01 NCAFA18AB01 NCAFA18VB01 NCAFA24AB01 NCAFA24VB01 NCAFA29AB01 NCAFA29AB02 NCAFA29VB01 NCAFA35VB01 NCAFA36AB90 NCAFA36VB01 NCAFA42AB01 NCAFA42AB90 NCAFA42VB01 NCAFA47AB01 NCAFA47AB02 NCAFA47AB90 NCAFA47VB02 NCAFA56AB90 NCAFA56VB01 NCAFB24AB01 NCAFB24VB01 NCAFB30AB01 NCAFB30VB01 NCAFB36AB01 NCAFB36VB01 NCAFB42VB01 NCAFB47VB01 NCHA018AK01 NCHA024AK01 NCHA029AK01 NCHA035AK01 NCHA035AK02 NCHA035AK03 NCHA041AK01 NCHA041AK02 NCHA041AK03 NCHA047AH01 NCHA047AK01 NCHA047AK02 NCHA058AH01 NCHA058AK01 NCHAA18AK01 NCHAA24AK01 NCHAA29AK01 NCHAA30AK01 NCHAA35AK01 NCHAA41AK01 NCHAA47AH01 NCHAA47AH02 NCHAA47AK01 NCHAA58AH01 NCHAA58AK01 NCHBA23AK01 NPABA49AH01 NPABA59AH01 NPABA60AB01 NPADC29AB01 NPADC29AB02 NPADC41AB02 NPADC47AB02 NPHCB29AK01 NPHCB29AK05 NPHCB36AK05 NRGB42MAK01 NRGB60MAK02 NRGC42LAK01 NRGF48EDH03 NRGF60FDB04 NRGF60FDH01 NRGH24DDK01 NRGH30DDK01 NRGH36DDK01 NRGH42EDK01 867815035 867.814467 867.815035 CA1024VKAI CA1024VKA1 867-806240 867.806240

Used In Rheem Ruud Equipment Model Numbers:

Type Self Regulating Crankcase Heater

Voltage (AC) 208-277
Min. Watts 32
Thermostat Not Required


Provides Reliable Peak Heating During Critical Cold Periods and Reduce their Heat Output Once the Compressor Starts or the Air Temperature Rises
Includes Flexible Lockstrap and Prestripped 28 Inches Wire Leads for Easy Connection and Hard-wiring
Fits Any Unit Up to 5 HP and 40 Inches Circumference