60 to 250 F. 60" Capillary Tube Commercial Electric Thermostat (Robertshaw)

60 to 250 F. 60
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60 to 250 F. Commercial Electric Thermostat (Robertshaw)

The THE530725 Series Standard Uni-Kits are designed to replace many different variations of “EA” family of controls. The standard Uni-Kits feature a 2" break-off shaft, grooved at all the standard stem lengths. They have a slotted “Uni-Kit” mounting bracket (type #6) to match various mounting dimensions from 1-1/8" to 1-3/4". Standard Uni-Kits also include a universal 4- way dial, 4-way chrome bezel and adaptors to convert from screw-terminals to quick-connect-terminals. By using the 4-way dial and bezel, a standard Uni-Kit can be mounted in any one of four normal mounting positions and retain the original “off” position indexing. These standard Uni-Kits are SPST snap-acting controls.

Replaces Thermostat Part Numbers:

THE5300725 KX17960 5300-725 KXP-146 9991-603 KX185-36 K-64-36 9991-133 66201310648 430093 10648 9991-603 012295 CAR5300725.

Replaces Many Obsolete Commercial Thermostats:

New THermostat Temperature Range from 60 to 250 F.
New Bulb 60" x 4-1/2"
Bulb Diameter: 3/8" x 4-1/2"