Wall Mount Humidity Transmitter / Temperature Sensor Vdc

Wall Mount Humidity Transmitter / Temperature Sensor Vdc
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Hx-67x3 Series Outdoor Relative Humidity Transmitter

Johnson Controls Hx-67x3 Series offers a full line of outdoor Relative Humidity (RH) transmitters for measuring and transmitting RH levels from 0 to 100%. The RH transmitters provide excellent reliability, long-term stability, and fast, accurate response to changes in humidity. Certain models come equipped with a temperature transmitter. The humidity sensor is impervious to dust and most chemicals, and it is unaffected by condensation. The unique weather shield protects the sensors from solar radiation and precipitation without affecting performance. The multiple discs have a unique profile that permits easy passage of air. The disc material is especially formulated for high reflectivity, low thermal conductivity, and maximum weather resistance. This rugged enclosure will ensure a long life, even under extreme weather conditions. The sensor and shield function as one unit for optimal performance. The RH transmitter can be easily mounted on a roof, pole, or side of a building utilizing its preassembled mounting bracket. It requires no routine maintenance or recalibration.

Features and Benefits
❑ 0 to 100% RH Measurement Offers a full range of accurate RH measurement
❑ Rugged Shield Construction with Multiple-plate Design Protects sensors from solar radiation and precipitation without affecting performance while multiple plates allow for maximum airflow to generate precise measurements
❑ No Routine Maintenance or Calibration Saves on cost
❑ Two-wire Current Loop or Voltage Operation Gives a variety of output and power types
❑ Polymer, Thin-film Sensor with Excellent Long-term Stability Omits inaccuracies due to dust, water vapor, harsh environments, and most chemicals
❑ Negligible Temperature Coefficient Generates accurate RH measurements regardless of changes in temperature
❑ Accurate RH Measurement Saves on building energy costs

Product Overview
The outdoor RH transmitters incorporate an advanced-capacitive, thin-film humidity sensor designed for demanding humidity measurement applications where high accuracy is important. The thin polymer film either absorbs or releases water vapor as the relative humidity of the ambient air rises or drops. The dielectric properties of the polymer film depend on the amount of water contained in it: as the relative humidity changes, the dielectric properties of the film change, so the capacitance of the sensor changes. The electronics of the instrument measure the capacitance of the sensor and convert it into a humidity reading. The repeatability, stability, and performance of the sensors have been proven in many industrial control processes under extremely harsh conditions. The shield provides a rugged, weatherproof enclosure for the transmitter while maintaining
accurate performance. The multiple-plate design allows for maximum airflow for precise measurements. The disc material is especially formulated for high reflectivity, low hermal
conductivity, and maximum weather resistance. This enclosure will ensure a long life, even under extreme weather conditions. Why Measure Relative Humidity? Humidity is an important aspect of any climate control system. The significance of indoor air quality to our health has become evident. Humans are best suited to and feel most comfortable within a fairly narrow range of humidity and temperature, whereas extremes, high or low, cause discomfort. Accurate outdoor humidity measurement allows the necessary steps to be taken indoors to ensure a quality air environment.

Energy Savings
The right humidity level optimizes energy consumption. In energy management projects with hundreds of setpoints, it is normal to have only one outdoor humidity sensor. If that sensor is not accurate, energy costs may rise, and the building occupants’ comfort may suffer. The maintenance-free, accurate, long-lasting performance of these transmitters will keep energy costs low and building comfort levels high. These transmitters are
compatible with most energy management systems. In an economizer application, the enthalpy switchover cycle uses the outdoor RH reading. It chooses whether the mixed air system should be using outdoor air for free cooling, return air by measuring the total heat content, or enthalpy of each air stream. Thus this application maximizes energy efficiency within the system.

Replaces Part Numbers: HE-67N3-0N0BT, CARHE-67N3-0N0BT