Pneumatic Room Humidistat, REV

Pneumatic Room Humidistat, REV
Code: THE4100203
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Manufacturer: Johnson Controls

Category: Pneumatic Controls
Sub Category: Humidity Controls

H-4100 Pneumatic Room Humidistat

The H-4100 Room Humidistat is
designed to provide a proportional
output signal to modulate
pneumatic controlled devices in
response to a change in relative

All models feature a CAB (cellulose
acetate butyrate) sensing element
and have a shock and vibration
resistant mechanism which allows
accurate output pressure changes
corresponding to the sensed
humidity conditions. A volume
amplifier is incorporated to provide
fast response time and an output
flow capacity of 400 SCIM
(109 mL/s).

Replaces Part Numbers: H-4100-203, CARH-4100-203