**Obsolete** Blower Relay Controller 24 Volt Coil (Intercity Products, Comfortmaker, Heil)

**Obsolete** Blower Relay Controller 24 Volt Coil (Intercity Products, Comfortmaker, Heil)
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Intercity Products Blower Relay Controller 24 Volt Coil

1 H.P. 125 VAC.

Replaces Obsolete Relay Part Numbers:

JA1CTM 1420845 JA1CTMAC24F JA1CTMAC24VF JA1CTMAC2VF 620730 1420846 AR65127198 AR651298 JA1C-TM-AC24V-F CAR1420845 CARR475A1524

Used in Air Conditioning and Heating Brands: Airquest, Arcoair, Clare, Comfortmaker, Heil, Kenmore, Tempstar, Snyder General, Intercity Products, Whirlpool and many other brands.

Used in Equipment Models:

GUF125A016AN G-U 400050-08M G-U400050-08M NUG5100BFAZ BYMC018-024AHWC BYMD030-036AHWC GDA060A012A GDA060A012AIM GDA080A012A GDA080A012AIM GDA080A016A GDA080A016AIM GDA100A016A GDA100A016AIM GDA100A020A GDA100A020AIM GDA120A020A GDA120A020AIM GDE045A008AIM GDE067A012AIM GDE090A012AIM GDE090A016AIM GDE113A016AIM GDE113A020AIM GDE135A020AIM GUGO70A012IN GU40005008M GU40007508M GU40007512M GU40010012M GU40010016M GU40012516M GU40012520M GU40015016M GU40015020M GUA040A010AIN GUA040A010IN GUA060A012AIN GUA060A012IN GUA080A012AIN GUA080A012IN GUA080A016AIN GUA080A016IN GUA100A016AIN GUA100A016IN GUA100A020AIN GUA100A020IN GUA120A016AIN GUA120A016IN GUA120A020AIN GUA120A020IN GUD100A020AIN GUD40A012AIN GUD60A014AIN GUD80A016AIN GUF050A008 GUF075A008 GUF075A012 GUF100A012 GUF100A016 GUF125A016 GUF125A020 GUF150A016 GUF150A020 GUG047A008IN GUG047A008N GUG070A008IN GUG070A008N GUG070A012IN GUG070A012N GUG094A012IN GUG094A012N GUG094A016IN GUG094A016N GUG117A016IN GUG117A016N GUG117A020IN GUG117A020N GUG141A020IN GUG141A020N GUH060A012IL GUH060A012IN GUH075A012IL GUH075A012IN GUH100A016IL GUH100A016IN GUH125A016AIL GUH125A016AIN GUH125A016IL GUH125A016IN GUH125A020AIL GUH125A020AIN GUH125A020IL GUH125A020IN NCC5050BFA1 NCC5075BFA1 NCC5075BHA1 NCC5100BHA1 NCC5125BKA1 NCG5150BKA1 NNAC050BFA1 NNAC075BFA1 NNAC075BHA1 NNAC100BHA1 NNAC125BKA1 NNAG150BKA1 NNAU050BCA1 NNAU050BEA1 NNAU050BEA2 NNAU050BHA1 NNAU075BFA1 NNAU075BHA1 NNAU100BFA1 NNAU100BHA1 NNAU100BKA1 NNAU100BKA2 NNAU125BHA1 NNAU125BKA1 NNAU125BKA2 NNAU150BKA1 NNAU150BKA2 NTC5050BEA1 NTC5050BEA2 NTC5050BHA1 NTC5075BFA2 NTC5075BHA2 NTC5100BHA2 NTC5100BKA1 NTC5100BKA2 NTC5125BKA1 NTC5125BKA2 NUG5050BCA1 NUG5050BEA1 NUG5050BEA2 NUG5050BHA1 NUG5075BFA1 NUG5075BFA2 NUG5075BHA1 NUG5075BHA2 NUG5100BFA1 NUG5100BFA2 NUG5100BHA1 NUG5100BHA2 NUG5100BKA1 NUG5100BKA2 NUG5125BHA1 NUG5125BKA1 NUG5125BKA2 NUG5150BKA1 NUG5150BKA2 NUL5050BCA1 NUL5050BEA1 NUL5050BHA1 NUL5075BFA1 NUL5075BHA1 NUL5100BFA1 NUL5100BHA1 NUL5100BKA1 NUL5125BHA1 NUL5125BKA1 NUL5150BKA1 YB018 YB024 YB030 YB036 GUA120A016ATL