(UNIVERSIAL)Ignition Control Module for Natural Gas or L.P. Gas.Complete Replacement Kit (Lennox, Ro

(UNIVERSIAL)Ignition Control Module for Natural Gas or L.P. Gas.Complete Replacement Kit (Lennox, Ro
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Ignition Control Module Description:

Robertshaw, Lennox Ignition Replacement Module Kit.

New upgraded Replacement Ignition Module, Control Module for LP and Natural Gas Systems.

Lockout Module.This lockout Module feature is designed to shut off all gas to the furnace should pilot ignition fail to occur after a predetermined time period. Provides 3 tries for ignition. Each ignition period is 60 seconds followed by a 5-minute time delay between ignition attempts. If no pilot flame is sensed after 3 tries, the unit goes into lockout and must be reset at the thermostat.

New Upgraded Ignition Module Replaces Part Numbers:

G60QHL-1, G60QHL-2, CSA49A-600R, CSA49A-601R, CSA49A-605R, CSA51A-601R, CSA52A-600R, G600AX-2, G600AX-3, G600KX-1, G600LX-1, G600LX-2, G600LY-1, G600MX-1, G600NX-1, G600RX-1, G60AAG-2, G60AAG-7, G60CAG-8, CSA491-600, G60CAG-9, G60CBG-2, G60CBG-3, G60CBG-4, G60CBG-5, G60CBG-6, G60CBG-7, G60CBG-8, G60CBG-9, G60PFH-1, G60PFH-2, G60PFL-1, G60PML-1, G60PVL-1, G60QAG-1, G60QAG-3, G60QAK-1, G60QBK-2, G60QBK-3, G60CG-1, G60QFL-1, G60QGH-1, G60QJL-1, G60QJL-1, G60QLK-1, G60QRH-1, G60QRH-2, G60QRH-3, G60QRL-1, G60QRL-2, G60QSL-1, G60QTH-1, G60QTL-1, G60QUL-1, G60RGL-1, G60RHL-1, G60RSL-1, G60ZAG-1, G60ZAG-2, G65BLG-1, G65DBM-1, G65DBM-2, G65DBM-3, G65DCM-1, G65DFM-1, G65DKM-1, G65DLM-1, G65QBM-1, G65QBM-3, G66MG-1, G66MG-2, G66NG-1,G67AG-7, G67AG-8, G67AG-9, G67BG-2, G67BG-3, G67BG-4, G67BG-5, G67KG-1, G67LG-1, G67MG-1, G67MG-2, G67MG-3, G67MG-4, G67NG-2, G67NG-4, G770KGA-1, G770KHA-1, G770KHA-2, G770LGA-1, G770LGC-2, G770LGC-3, G770LGC-4, G770LHA-1, G770LHA-2, G770MGA-1, G770MGA-2, G77OMGA-3, G770MGC-1, G770MGC-2, G770MGC-3, G770MGC-4, G770MGC-5, G770MGC-6, G770MHA-1, G770MHA-2, G770NGA-1, G770NGC-4, G770NGC-5, G770NGC-6, G770NGC-7, G770NHA-1, G770RGA-1, G770RHA-1, G770RHA-2, G775RGA-1, G775RHA-2, G779LHA, Y79ABC-1, Y79ABC-2, Y79ABC-3, Y79ABC-4, Y79ABC-5, Y79ABC-6, Y79ABC-7, Y79ABD-1, Y79ABD-2, Y79BBA-1, Y79BBA-2, G67AG-10, G67AG-11, G60CAG-3, G60CAG-4, G60CAG-5, G60CAG-6, G60CAG-7, 780-002,780002, SP745, 97H0401, Factory #: SP745-NU-3-60-5, SP745, 9998-360, SP745NU3605. CAR4E959, SP745,97H0401 SP745-NU-3-60-5, SP745, SP745NU3605, 780-001, 780-002, 97H0401, CAR780002, 780.712113, CAR780002.


G11Q3E-137V-6 G11Q3E-137-V-6 G16Q5-100-5 G11Q3E, G12Q4E, G12Q3E-110-6