23" X 17" Return Duct Ceiling or Side Wall Electronic Air Purifier

Code: AIR10C13T410
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Return Air Ceiling Air Purifier.

Duct Mounted Electronic Air Cleaner
Air Flow Range 800-1000 CFM
Pressure Drop 0.06 Inches of Water @ 1000 CFM
Grille Depth 7/32 Inch
Grille Height 19 Inches
Grille Width 25 3/16 Inches
Housing Depth 6 Inches
Housing Height 16 3/16 Inches
Housing Width 23 3/16 Inches
Type TTW10

A/C Size: Up to 2-1/2 Ton Systems
Color: White
Mounts flush in the Central Return Duct Grille.
Installs in wall or ceiling.
Built-in Air Flow Meter that turns the air cleaner on only when air is moving thru the duct system.
Emerson, White Rodgers Air Purifier: 10C13T-410, TTW-10, RET24X18, FLR1427, FLR01427, CARTTW10, CAR10C13T410