Factory Direct Replacement Single Pressure Control for Refrigeration, Air-conditioning and Heatpump

Factory Direct Replacement Single Pressure Control for Refrigeration, Air-conditioning and Heatpump
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Factory Direct Replacement Single Pressure Control for Refrigeration, Air-conditioning and Heatpump Applications (Johnson Controls, Penn)

These pressure controls are designed for use in
a variety of applications involving refrigeration
high or low pressure. Models supplied have a
“whole range” design, enabling them to be
used with refrigerants R22, R134A, R404A and
all other non-corrosive refrigerants which are
within the operating range of the control. They
may also be used for other high or low pressure
applications such as air, water etc. Models
which can be used with ammonia as well as
controls tested, conforming to DIN 32733, and
approved by TÜV are included in the program.
DIN (HP) models are also tested and approved
according to PED 97/23EC Cat. IV.

The P77 series pressure controls may be used
for control functions or limit functions, depending
on model number. All models are provided with
alarm contacts. All standard models have
phosphor bronze bellows and brass pressure
connections. Models for use with ammonia are
provided with stainless steel bellows and
connectors. Devices conforming to DIN 32733
have a double bellows on the high pressure
versions. Their IP54 classification means that
these pressure controls are suitable for almost
all applications.

Feature and Benefits
•Generous wiring space: Easy wiring and maintenance
•Splash-proof enclosure (IP54): Can be used for indoor/outdoor applications
•SPDT contacts are provided as standard on single pressure controls.
•Trip-free manual reset: Can be wired for alarm functions. Override is not possible in the control function

The controls are intended to control equipment under normal operating conditions. Where failure or malfunctioning of the controls could lead to an abnormal operating condition that could cause personal injury or damage to the equipment or other property, other devices (limit or safety controls) or systems (alarm or supervisory systems) intended to warn of or protect against failure or malfunctioning of the controls must be incorporated into and maintained as part of the control system.

Mounting can easily be done with mounting
bracket 271-51L (order separately) or directly
on a surface. Mounting holes 4,5 mm diam. and
M4 holes are provided.

Adjustment of range and differential can be done
by turning the hexagonal range screw and
differential screw. Manual reset models have a
range screw only. The adjustment screw can
also be locked by a lock plate accessory
(KIT023N600). The lock plate is only included
with those devices which are conform to DIN

On all models the scale indicates the high switch
point (Except type P77BCA,P77BCB, here the
scale indicates the low (cut-out) switch point).
The low switch point can be derived by
deducting the differential value from the high
switch point.

Repair and replacement
Repair is not possible. In case of an improperly
functioning control, please check with your
nearest supplier. When contacting the supplier
for a replacement you should state the
type/model number of the control. This number
can be found on the data plate or cover label.

Product Specifications:
Range (bar): 3 to 30
Differential (bar): 3 to 12
Contact Function: 2
Maximum Bellows Pressure: 33

Replaces Part Numbers:
2164797900100040 P77AAA-9350 CARP77AAA9350