24 Volt Slow Opening Thermocouple Gas Valve 1/2" x 1/2" Replaces Obsolete ITT B57 Gas Valve (Natural

24 Volt Slow Opening Thermocouple Gas Valve 1/2
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New upgraded 24 volt Gas Valve can be used on most all older models of Residential, Mobile Home Furnaces:

This Gas Valve will use a Thermocouple and it is designed for 24 volt systems.

Slow opening for very smooth lighting of burners.

This New Updated Gas Valve has side taps if needed and comes with (1) 1/2" x 3/8" reducing busning.

Replaces Obsolete Gas Valve Part Numbers:

8665-3501 110R 4701-5955 86653501 3838-1561 38381561 3848-1881 38481881 3850A5161 8665-2011 86652011 3838-2011 38382011 7200ERCS 2630-2261 2630B2361 7200DER CS-2 210-221000-6314 211-221000-1325 SX211J B57RA68 B57RF68 B57RH161 B59R02 B59R06 B57AA69E 7200ERCS-1 7200ERCS-2 7A3C4F025 7A3C4F-025 T1850 720472 B57Z102 B57Z100 B57RA68 B57RBA67 P204100 720-472 CARL37715 CAR720472.

Replaces General Controls Older Style Coleman B57 Gas Valves:

Used in Coleman Evcon, York, Quaker Furnace Models:

QRSF358 7966-856 7966856 8631-746 8631746 SFB50Z17B 8645D766 2775-726 2630B756 8655D766 36C6T-175 7656-3561 7655-586 7665-856 7656F856 00501518 8636-11 7680 7656A 7656B 7680C856 8665D766 7975-856 7956- 7655-856 7966- 7970- 7975- 7995- 7995A856 B57RA68E 2632G Series CAR720472.

Used in BDP Furnace Models:


Used in Gaffers & Sattler Furnace Models:


Used in Duo Therm Furnace Models:

Used in Older Furnace Models:

867736710 867.736710 DVE50A3N DVF50A3N.

Used in Miller Furnace Models:

7C7G8F545 MMHA070A3HR01.

Old Gas Valves were 100% Gas Flow New Gas Valves start out with a Slow Ignition and with-in 30 Seconds or less full Gas flow for a Very Smooth Ignition.