Electric Heat Sequencer, 1 Switch, 1 Timing, On: 1-20 Seconds, Off: 40-110 Seconds

Electric Heat Sequencer, 1 Switch, 1 Timing, On: 1-20 Seconds, Off: 40-110 Seconds
Code: SEQ24A341
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Fan and Electric Heat Sequencer Description:

Fan/Heat Sequencer:
Off Time 40-110 Seconds.
On Time 1-20 Seconds.
Number of Timings 1.
Number of Switches 1.
Inductive Full Load Current @ 480 VAC 3 Amperes.
Inductive Full Load Current @ 120 VAC 10 Amperes.
Inductive Full Load Current @ 240 VAC 5 Amperes.
Locked Rotor Current @ 120 VAC 60 Amperes.
Locked Rotor Current @ 240 VAC 30 Amperes.
Locked Rotor Current @ 480 VAC 18 Amperes.
Contact Current Rating Resistive @ 120VAC 25 Amperes.
Contact Current Rating Resistive @ 240VAC 25 Amperes.
Depth (Inches): 1 5/8".
Height (Inches): 1 1/2".
Number of Switches: 1.
Number of Timings: 1.
Off Time (Seconds): 40-110.
On Time (Seconds): 1-20.
Pilot Duty @ 120VAC: 125.
Pilot Duty @ 240VAC: 125.
Width (Inches): 1 5/8"
Locked Rotor Amps @ 120 VAC: 60.
Replaces Sequencer Part Numbers:

10135601 304951 B1290904, 15SH1309571, 15SH1309571, 15SH1, 24A34-13, 309571, 60000AOM, TD03, TDR10, 33241, GS101, YORK 525-37322-000, AMANA B1290906, CARL36475, 12F20, B1290906, 24A34-7, 308442, 15F118348309608, 58C9701, 24A34-1, CAR24A341..

Used In Goodman, Amana Equipment Model Numbers:

PHA36B002C BCEA42T002A P1101507C BCEA42T002B P1135001C BCEA48T002A P1101508C BCEA48T002B P1135002C BCEA60T002A P1101509C BCEA60T002B P1135003C BHEA42T002A P1101501C BHEA42T002B P1101511C BHEA42T002F P1101514C BHEA48T002A P1101502C BHEA48T002B P1101513C BHEA48T002F P1101515C BHEA60T002A P1101503C BHEA60T002B P1101510C BHEA60T002F P1101516C PCA24B0002A P1153601C PCA24C02E P1234801C P1234807C PCA24C02F P1234811C PCA30B0002A P1153602C PCA30C02E P1234802C P1234808C PCA30C02F P1234812C PCA36B0002A P1153603C PCA36B0003A P1153604C PCA36B0004A P1153605C PCA36C02E P1234803C P1234809C PCA36C02F P1234813C PCA42B0002A P1153701C PCA42B0003A P1153702C PCA42C02E P1234804C P1234810C PCA42C02F P1234814C PCA48B0002A P1153703C PCA48B0002B P1153707C PCA48B0003A P1153704C PCA48B0003B P1153708C PCA48B0004A P1153709C PCA48C02E P1234805C PCA48C02F P1234815C PCA60B0002A P1153705C PCA60B0003A P1153706C PCA60B0004A P1153710C PCA60C02E P1234806C PCA60C02F P1234816C PCB24A0002A P1152201C PCB24B0002A P1152204C PCB30A0002A P1152202C PCB30B0002A P1152205C PCB36A0002A P1152203C PCB36B0002A P1152206C PCB42A0002A P1152301C PCB42B0002A P1152302C PCB48B0002A P1152303C PCB60B0002A P1152305C PCC24C02E P1231101C PCC24C02F P1231107C PCC30C02E P1231102C PCC30C02F P1231108C PCC36C02E P1231103C PCC36C02F P1231109C PCC42C02E P1231104C PCC42C02F P1231110C PCC48C02E P1231105C PCC48C02F P1231111C PHA24B0002A P1153801C PHA24B0002C P1175901C PHA30B0002A P1153802C PHA30B0002C P1175902C PHA36B0002A P1153803C PHA36B0002C P1175903C PHA36B0003A P1153804C PHA36B0003C P1175904C PHA42B0002A P1153901C PHA42B0002C P1175905C PHA42B0003A P1153902C PHA42B0003C P1175906C PHA48B0002A P1153903C PHA48B0002C P1175907C PHA48B0003A P1153904C PHA48B0003C P1175908C PHA60B0002A P1153905C PHA60B0002B P1153907C PHA60B0002C P1175909C PHA60B0003A P1153906C PHA60B0003B P1153908C PHA60B0003C P1175910C PHB24C02D P1214401C PHB24C02E P1204501C P1220101C P1235601C PHB24C02E1 P1239207C P1239213C P1239214C PHB24C02F1 P1239220C PHB24CC2E P1228101C P1235801C PHB24CC2E1 P1239904C P1239908C PHB24CC2F1 P1239911C PHB30C02D P1214402C PHB30C02E P1204502C P1220102C P1235602C PHB30C02E1 P1239208C P1239215C PHB30C02F1 P1239221C PHB30CC2E P1228102C P1235802C PHB30CC2E1 P1239905C P1239909C PHB30CC2F1 P1239912C PHB36C02D P1214403C PHB36C02E P1204503C P1220103C P1235603C PHB36C02E1 P1239209C P1239216C PHB36C02F1 P1239222C PHB36CC2E P1228103C P1235803C PHB36CC2E1 P1239906C P1239910C PHB36CC2F1 P1239913C PHB42C02E P1235604C PHB42C02E1 P1239210C P1239217C PHB42C02F1 P1239223C PHB48C02E P1235605C PHB48C02E1 P1239211C P1239218C PHB48C02F1 P1239224C PHB60C02E P1235606C PHD24C02E P1224301C P1235701C PHD24C02E1 P1239706C P1239712C PHD24C02F1 P1239718C PHD24CC2E P1228201C P1235901C PHD24CC2E1 P1240004C P1240008C PHD24CC2F1 P1240011C PHD30C02E P1224302C P1235702C PHD30C02E1 P1239707C P1239713C PHD30C02F1 P1239719C PHD30CC2E P1228202C P1235902C PHD30CC2E1 P1240005C P1240009C PHD30CC2F1 P1240012C PHD36C02E P1224303C P1235703C PHD36C02E1 P1239708C P1239714C PHD36C02F1 P1239720C PHD36CC2E P1228203C P1235903C PHD36CC2E1 P1240006C P1240010C PHD36CC2F1 P1240013C XPH1124A P1243501C P1243507C XPH1130A P1243502C P1243508C XPH1136A P1243503C P1243509C XPH1142A P1243504C P1243510C XPH1148A P1243505C P1243511C XPH1160A P1243506C XPH1324A P1243601C P1243606C XPH1330A P1243602C P1243607C XPH1336A P1243603C P1243608C

Replaces Part Numbers:

H30-90 C130 15SH2 H24V 30957 L9922 1913821 12SH20-309572 12SH20309572 308428 H30-90 H3090 CL-30 CL30 J11R00366 Q102 33242 TDR15 SEQ24A342 60000AOM GS102 15SH1 60000A0-257 H1-60 C1-45 Q03VA 150 51172-20-24 58C9701 24A34-2 M3853-3 M0385305 15SH1 A012 HR3570 TDR15 33242 24A34-8 GS102 525-37323-000 52537323000 58C97 58C9701 CARL36476 CAR24A342.

Used In Dayton Equipment Model Numbers:


Used in Amana Air Conditioning Models:


Used in Armstrong Lennox Equipment Models:

E10Q5-941-1C E10Q5-941-2 E10Q5-941-1 MCE42-F25D2F K37R MCE42-F25D2FK37R MCE42F25D2F K37R MCE42F25D2FK37R MCE42-F25D2F-37R MCE42-F25D2F-3 MCE42F25D2F-37R MCE42F25D2F-3 MCE42-F25D2F37R MCE42-F25D2F3 MCE42F25D2F37R MCE42F25D2F3