1/2 H.P. 1-Speed 1075 RPM 460 Volt Commercial Condenser Fan Motor.(Universal 460 Volt Replacement Mo

1/2 H.P. 1-Speed 1075 RPM 460 Volt Commercial Condenser Fan Motor.(Universal 460 Volt Replacement Mo
Code: MOT44VL463
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1/2 HP Condenser Fan Motor

Permanent Split Capacitor motor

Type Permanent Split Capacitor Enclosure Totally Enclosed Air Over motor
HP 1/2
Item Condenser Fan Motor
Motor Type Permanent Split Capacitor Motor
Enclosure Totally Enclosed Air-Over Motor
HP 1/2
Nameplate RPM 1075
Number of Speeds 1
Voltage 460
Full Load Amps 1.5
Body Dia. (In.) 5 5/8
Service Factor 1.00
Hz 60
Mounting Stud
Bearings Ball
Thermal Protection Auto
Shaft Dia. (In.) 1/2
Shaft Length (In.) 6
Rotation CW or CCW
Ambient (C) 60
Insulation Class B
Duty Continuous Air-Over motor
Length Less Shaft (In.) 6
Shaft Type Double Flat

Bryant, Carrier, Rheem, Ruud, Trane and many other brands used this Condenser Motor will Replace Motor:

HC44VL463 HC44VL460 HC44VL463 HC43VE464 P251-8212 51-20930-01 51-20096-01 D-26618-01 51-40351-01 51-20133-01 51-20317-01 51-40351-01 51-20929-01 U-790 K55MFR-6358 51-26618-01 D-26618-01 70123 K55HXMFT6358 5KCP39GH6000C5 P251-8214 FEH1056S FE1056 5KCP39PGH600 MOT10227 5KCP39PGH600CS HC44VL463 5KCP39PGH600C5 5KCP39PGP822S CARS89649 CARD802 CARS88995 CAR3LU98.

This 460 Volt Condenser Motor is used in Trane Commercial Package Heating and Air Conditioning units Model Number:YCC036F4H0AB, YCCO36F4HOAB.

Capacitor not Included with New Motor. Order Capacitor Part Number:CAP10370.


PLEASE NOTE: All PSC Motors are design to be used with an external capacitor. The Capacitor operates in the Motor Circuit continuously. It is commonly referred to as a run capacitor. The Run Capacitor is designed to keep a constant and even flow of power going to the Motor. The Run Capacitor is sold separately. * Order New Run Capacitor Part Number: CAP10370

Carrier 460 Volt Condenser Fan Motor Is Used In 239 Air Conditioning Models:

50CH008650 48LDT006670 48LDT006680 48LDT006690 48LDT006610 48LDT006620 50CH008600 48LDT006650 50CH008620 50CH008640 48LDT006660 50CH007600 50BH006600 50CH007610 50BH006610 50CH007620 50CH007630 50BH006900 50CH006600 50CH006620 50CH006630 50CH006660 50CH006670 48HV008601 48HV008611 48HV008621 50CDD008630 48HDT006680 48HDT006690 48HV006601 50CH006680 50CH006690 48LDT005670 48HDT006620 48HDT006650 38AFP007600 48LDT005680 48HDT006660 38AFP007C600 50CDD008600 48HDT006670 38AFC008600 38AFC008610 48LDT005620 48HHF008600 48LDT005630 48LDT005640 48HDT0066A0 38AFC008C600 50CD006680 48LDT005650 38AFC008C610 50CD006690 48LDT005660 48HDT006610 48HH009600 38AF008600 48HH009610 48HH009620 50CD005670 48HH009630 38AF008C600 48HH009640 48LDT005610 48HH009650 50CD009600 50CD009610 50CD009620 48HH008640 48HH008650 48HH008660 48HH008670 48HH008680 48HDT005670 50CD008600 48HDT005680 50CD008620 50CD008630 48HH008600 50CD008640 48HH008610 48HH008630 48HDT005630 48HDT005640 48LDT004670 48LDT004680 48HDT005650 48HDT005660 48HH007600 50CD007600 48HH007610 48HH007620 50CD007610 48HH007630 50CD007620 48HDT005610 48HH007640 50CD007630 48HH007650 48HDT005620 50CD006670 579DEW090203ACCS 48HH006650 579DEW090203AECS 579DEW090203AGCS 48HH006660 50CD006600 48HH006670 579DEW090203AHCS 50CD006620 48HH006680 48HH006690 50CD006630 50CD006660 579DEW090146ABCS 579DEW090146ACCS 579DEW090146AECS 579DEW090146AGCS 579DEW090146AHCS 48HH006600 579DEW090203AACS 48HH006610 579DEW090203ABCS 48HH006640 579DEW060120 50CD005640 50CD005650 48LDD008600 579DEW060120 50CD005660 48LDD008650 48HDF008600 579DEW090146AACS 579DEW060120 48LD008640 48LD008650 48HDD008620 48HDD008640 50CD005600 48LD008660 48HDD008660 50CD005610 50CD005630 579DEW060120 48HDE008600 48LD008600 48HD009640 48LD008620 48HD009650 48LD008630 579DEW060080 48HD009600 579DEW060080 48HD009610 48HD009620 48HD009630 48LZ008601 48LZ008611 48LZ008621 579DEW048120 579DEW048120 579DEW048120 579DEW060080 585EEW090203AHAS 48LV008611 48LD005600 48LV008621 579DEW048120 579DEW060080 48LD006600 585EEW090146AEAS 48HD008640 585EEW090146AGAS 585EEW090146AHAS 48HD008650 585EEW090203AAAS 585EEW090203ABAS 48HD008660 585EEW090203ACAS 585EEW090203AEAS 48HD008670 585EEW090203AGAS 48LV008601 579DEW048080 579DEW048080 48LHE008600 48HD008600 48LHF008600 48HD008610 585EEW090146AAAS 585EEW090146ABAS 50CD004680 48HD008630 585EEW090146ACAS 50CD004690 48LH008650 48LH008660 48LH008670 48LHD008600 579DEW048080 48LHD008640 50CZ008610 48LH008600 48LH008620 579DEW048080 48LH008630 48LH008640 48HD007630 50CZ006600 50CZ006610 48HD007640 48HD007650 50CZ008600 50CV006610 48LH006640 48LH006650 48HD007600 48LH006660 48HZ008601 50CV008600 48LH006670 48HZ008611 48LH006680 48HD007610 48HZ008621 48LH006690 48HD007620 48LH006600 48HZ006601 50CV006600 48LH006610 50CHD008630 48HD006600 50CHF008600 50CH009600 50CH009610 50CH009620 48HD005600 50CHD008600