Millivolt Gas Valve 1/2"inlet 1/2"outlet upto 100,000 BtuH. (Natural or L.P. Gas) (Robertshaw)

Millivolt Gas Valve 1/2
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The 700 millivolt gas valves are wall thermostat actuated combination gas valves. These controls combine a manual gas cock, automatic pilot safety valve and a millivolt operator. The automatic pilot safety is separate from the gas cock and provides gas shutoff in case of pilot outage. Regulated and non-regulated models are available (see ordering chart). Standard features include: pilot outlet, pilot gas filter and pilot adjusting key. VALVES CAN BE MOUNTED IN ANY POSITION EXCEPT UPSIDE DOWN. Consult ordering chart for individual control specifications.


Most appliances manufactured in the USA and Canada are manufactured to meet the standards set forth by the American National Standards Institute (ANSI). A recent revision in the standards "mis-wiring requirements for gas valves" was effective January 1, 1996. The reason for this standard was so that you as a service technician could disconnect the gas valve wires and reconnect them without making a mistake. Therefore all Robertshaw millivolt gas valves now meet the new standard. The 700- 500 series millivolt gas valves now have a 1/4" quick connect terminal and a 3/16" quick connect terminal on the terminal block. There is NO terminal screw (or threads) on the side that has the 3/16" terminal. If your old application used a terminal screw, you will need to use the 3/16" adaptor terminal that is included with this gas valve.

L.P.KIT CONVERSION: LP Conversion Kit Not Included. Order L.P. Kit Part Number:LPK1751007.

Inlet Pressure Tap No, Reducer Bushing Kit 1/2 x 3/8 Inch


BtuH Capacity:100,000
Coil Volts:750mV
Gas Type:Natural
. Inlet/Outlet (Inches):1/2 x 1/2
Reducer Bushing Kit (Inches):1/2 x 3/8
Inlet Pressure Tap:No
LP Conversion Kit:No
Side Taps:Yes

For use with L.P. Gas Order Conversion Plate. Part Number:CAR37261.

It is Highly Recommended when Replacing Gas Valve to also Replace the Pilot Generator. Order Pilot Generator Part Number:601A432, or Pilot Generator Part Number:601A332.

Manufacturer: ROBERTSHAW
Replaces Gas Valve Part Numbers:

7000AMVR-S7C 7000AMVRS7C 700-502; 700502; 7000AMVRLP, CARL36736, CAR700502.