Electronic Ignition Gas Valve Replacement Kit.(Natural Gas or L.P.Gas)(Robertshaw)

Electronic Ignition Gas Valve Replacement Kit.(Natural Gas or L.P.Gas)(Robertshaw)
Code: GSV722079A
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New Commercial, Residential Upgraded 24 Volt Gas Valve

Product Description.

Used in Forced Air Furnaces and Commercial Water Heaters

Gas Pipe Inlet:1/2".
Gas Pipe Outlet:1/2".
Voltage:24 VAC.
Gas Type L.P. or Natural Gas.
Natural Gas Regulator:3.5 W.C.
L.P. Gas:10.0 W.C.
L.P. Kit Includes Part Number:7222IPER

Used in Coleman York Furnace Models:

G8T10012DNB11A G8T100012DNB11A BGD10016AX BGD1001GA BGD1 Series.

This Upgraded Gas Valve Kit is used to Replace Part Numbers:

722-053, 684011400, 722-079, 722-07J, 72207J, 7222DERC, 2702-331P, 7222DER, 7222IPER, 7222DER, 111497-01, 2000DERCHC, V4185A1000, V4185A1010 V4185B1008 V4185B1016 V4185B1024 V4225A1002 V4225A1028 V4225A1044 V4225A1051 V4225A1077 V4225B1000 V4225B1018 V4225B1026 V4227A1000 V4227A1018 V4227B1008 V4227B1016 V4249A1004 V4249A1012 V4249A1020 V4297A1005 V4297A1013 V4297A1021 V4297A1039 V4297A1047 V4297A1054 V4298A1004 V4298A1012 V445A1009 V445A1017 V8185A1001 V8185A1019 V8185A1035 V8185B1009 V8185B1017 V8247A1000 V8247B1005 V8457A1026 V845A1018 V845A1034 V845A1133 VR400A1016 VR400A1032 VR4450M2035 VR4450M2126 VR4450M2159 VR445M1009 VR445M1017 VR8204A2001 VR8204A2027 VR8204A2035 VR8204A2043 VR8204A2068 VR8204A2084 VR8204A2092 VR8204A2100 VR8204A2118 VR8204A2126 VR8204A2134 VR8204A2142 VR8204A2167 VR8205A2032 VR8205A2073 VR8440A2001 VR8440A2019 VR8440A2050 VR8440A2084 VR8440A2092 VR8440A2100 VR8440A2118 VR8440A2134 VR8440A2142 VR8440M1000 VR8440M2016 VR8440M2024 VR8440M2032 VR8440M2040 VR8440M2057 VR8440M2065 VR8440M2073 VR8440M2081 VR8440M2099 VR844A1002 VR844A1028 VR844A1051 VR844A1085 VR844M1014 VR844M1063 VR844M1162 VR844M1170 VR844M1188 VR844M1196 VR844M1220 VR844M1246 VR844M1287 VR844M1295 VR844N1003 VR844R1005 VR8450A2000 VR8450A2109 VR8450A2117 VR8450M2023 VR8450M2064 VR8450R6003 VR845M1013 VR884M1006 CAR722079.