Natural Gas or L.P. Gas 3.5 W.C. 10 W.C. Pressure Regulator 1/2" x 1/2"

Natural Gas or L.P. Gas 3.5 W.C. 10 W.C. Pressure Regulator 1/2
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Regulator Description:

Gas Pressure Regulator, Pipe Size 1/2 x 1/2 Inch, Outlet Pressure Range 3-6 Inches WC, Maximum Inlet Pressure 1/2 PSI, Inlet Emergency Exposure Limit 2.5 PSI, Mounting Position Multipoise, Type Poppet, Flow @ 0.300 Inch WC Pressure Drop 60 Cubic Feet Per Hour, Flow @ 1.0 Inch WC Pressure Drop 110 Cubic Feet Per Hour, Flow @ 2.0 Inch WC Pressure Drop 155 Cubic Feet Per Hour, Ambient Temperature Limit 32 to 225 Degrees Fahrenheit

Natural Gas Rating: 3.5" to 5.5 W.C.
L.P.Gas Rating: 10" W.C.

0.300 Pressure Drop:60
Ambient Temperature Limits (F):32 to 225
Maximum Inlet Pressure (PSI):1/2 Pipe (Inches):1/2 x 1/2
Inlet Emergency Exposure Limits (PSI):2.5
Mounting Position:Multipoise

Replaces Gas Valve Part Numbers:

RV47L-44 4742G0009A 4600S0001 4080-032 CARL37343 CAR3UP35 CAR4080032.CARRV47CL-1/2.

Used with Millivolt Gas Valves Natural Gas:

B60Y54H B60Y84H103 B60184 B60Y14 B60Y84 B60YS54B B60YS53C B-60-6B B60YS54B-01GW Holly 50D Wall Furnaces 1387-3743 36C21U-206 RV47L 133.2125 3665U-208 3665U-218 36C21U-206 2E380 36C21U206