Non-Programmable TEC210x-3 Series Networked Thermostat W/N2 COMM-HT/CL

Non-Programmable TEC210x-3 Series Networked Thermostat W/N2 COMM-HT/CL
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Manufacturer: Johnson Controls

Category: Thermostats

TEC210x-3 Series Networked Thermostats

The TEC210x-3 Series of thermostats is a family of
highly advanced thermostats specifically designed for
control of equipment such as rooftop units (with and
without economizers), heat pumps, and single- and
multi-stage heating/cooling equipment. The
TEC210x-3 thermostats feature Metasys® system
N2 Bus communication capability that enables remote
monitoring and programmability for efficient space
temperature control. The TEC210x-3 thermostats use
an intuitive, plain text, menu-driven, backlit display that
makes setup and operation quick and easy.
The TEC Series includes four models: Single-stage
(TEC2101-3), Heat Pump (TEC2102-3), Multi-stage
(TEC2103-3), and Economizer (TEC2104-3). All
thermostats use a unique Proportional-Integral (PI)
time-proportioning control algorithm that virtually
eliminates temperature offset associated with
traditional differential-based thermostats.

Replaces Part Numbers: TEC2101-3, CARTEC2101-3