Carrier Air Conditioner Control Knobs. (2 Per Package)

Carrier Air Conditioner Control Knobs. (2 Per Package)
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SOLD TWO KNOBS PER PACKAGE: Carrier 73TCA008111D Wall or Window Air Conditioner Control Knobs.

These Replacement knobs come from Carriers Supplier in Brazil the 3.1 lb weight Charge of these knobs covers the Shipping Expense From Brazil. Normal Shipping time two weeks. One of the Knobs is for the switch and the other knob is for the Thermostat. Part Number:51TH400361, 51TH400391. New Knobs Replace these Obsolete Part Numbers:51TH400121,51TH400131, 51TH500023.CAR51TH400361, CAR51TH400391.


(1) Control Thermostat Knob Part Numbers:51TH400391.
(1) Switch Knob Part Number:51TH400361.

Carrier Air Conditioner Control Replacement Knobs Part Number 51TH400361, 51TH400391 are used In 35 Sales Air Conditioner Models:

77THA005101 0008 73TCB005101B 0008 73TCB006101B 0008 73TCB006111B 0008 73TCC005101B 0008 73TCA006101D 0008 73TCA006102D 0008 73TCA006111D 0008 73TCA006121D 0008 73TCA008101B 0008 73TCA008101D 0008 73TCA008101P