Factory Direct Upgraded Replacement Time Delay On Make Relay (ICM)

Factory Direct Upgraded Replacement Time Delay On Make Relay (ICM)
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Factory Direct Upgraded Replacement Time Delay On Make Relay (ICM)

The compact construction of the MAR timer delivers a 10 amp DPDT switching capability and is economically priced. The exposed terminal base allows direct wiring to the relay providing an economic alternative to expensive sockets.

•Fixed or remote adjustable delays 0.1 to 600 seconds
•Reset during timing without false input
•Quick connect solder terminals
•UL Recognized: File #E-48278
•CSA recognized: File #30320
•Completely isolated case
•Repeat accuracy ±2%
•No false turn-on

Electrical Specifications:
-Time Delay •Type: Factory fixed or remote adjustment. This is accomplished by providing 2 terminals in the relay panel for remote potentiometer
•Range: 0.1 to 600 Seconds
•Repeat Accuracy: ±2% under fixed conditions
•Fixed Delay Accuracy: ±5%, ±10%, or ±20%
•Time Delay vs Temperature & Voltage: ±10% maximum over the specified range of input voltage and temperature

-Reset Time
•During & After Timing: 758 milliseconds
•May be reset during timing period without false transfer of output terminals

•Nominal Voltage: 24 to 230 volts
•Tolerance: ±15% of nominal
•Frequency: 50 or 60 Hz
•Maximum Allowable DC Ripple Voltage: 20% peak to peak
•Power Consumption: During timing 0.5 watt maximum, after timing 4.0 watts maximum

•Type: Relay
•Form: DPDT
•Rating: 10 A resistive at 115 VAC; 1/6 H.P. at 115 VAC; 1/3 H.P. at 230 VAC
•Life: Mechanical 10,000,000 operations; full load 1,000,000 operations:

•Transient: ±1,400 volts for 100 microseconds
•Polarity: DC units are inverse voltage protected
•Dielectric Breakdown: 1,500 V RMS minimum at 60 Hz
•Insulation Resistance: 100 megohms

-Mechanical Specifications
•Mounting: Surface mount using two #6, #8, or #10 screws
•Termination: 3/16" male quick-connect solder terminals

-Environmental Specifications
•Operating Temperature: -20°C to +55°C
•Storage Temperature: -40°C to +65°C

Replaces Part Numbers:
MAR230A5R100 CARMAR230A5X100

Used In Equipment Model Numbers:
VR57K1/K3 VR57K1K3