P21 Series Limit Control - Johnson Controls

P21 Series Limit Control - Johnson Controls
Code: LIM21QAC1
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Part: P21QAC-1
Manufacturer: Johnson Controls
Description: LIMIT CONTROL
Category: Refrigeration Controls

These air conditioning limit controls are specially designed for package residential or commercial air conditioning units. They are for use with all non-corrosive
refrigerants within pressure range of controls -- water or air cooled. They may also be used for refrigeration applications where a fixed range setting is acceptable.
Models are provided for low side pressure, high pressure or dual pressure and may be supplied with automatic recycle or manual reset.

· Accurate repeat performance and long life. Test strength far above the most severe operating and standby conditions.
· Compact -- less than the size of a cigarette pack.
· Transmission of diaphragm movement is by a stainless steel power lever operating on a stainless steel pivot -- load aligned to reduce friction.
· Trip-free manual reset -- contacts cannot be blocked closed. Reset tab must be released before restart.

General Description
Series P20 controls feature many desirable advantages not found in any other controls. Exclusive, service proved pressure element
(about the size of a quarter) provides accurate repeat performance -- with substantial safety factor for long life under extreme operating and equalized
standby pressures. Controls are compact and ideal for panel mounting and all applications where space is at a premium.

Replaces Part Numbers: P21QAC-1, CARP21QAC-1