1-1/2 Ton Residential Scroll Compressor Voltage 208/230 ( 1-Phase)

1-1/2 Ton Residential Scroll Compressor Voltage 208/230 ( 1-Phase)
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Scroll Compressor Description:

Air Conditioning Compressor

Nominal Power 1 1/2 HP
16,500 BTUH
Voltage @ 60 hz 208/230
Line Connection Discharge Inside Diameter 1/2 Inch
Line Connection Suction Inside Diameter 3/4 Inch
Base Mount Hole Center Size 7 1/2 Inches
Length 8 27/32 Inches
Height 14"
Width 8 25/32 Inches
Refrigerant: R22
Single Phase: 1
RLA Amps:10.1
Replaces Compressor Part Numbers: 41579-22, 4157922, 41579-022, 41579022, ZR16K4-PFV-930, CARB93406, CARZR16K4-PFV-930

Scroll Compressors Are Simple.

Two spiral-shaped members simply fit together forming crescent-shaped gas pockets.
One member remains stationary, while the other is allowed to orbit around the stationary one.Gas is drawn into the outer pocket created by the two members, sealing off the open passage. As the spiral motion continues, the gas is forced toward the center of the scroll as the pocket continuously becomes smaller in volume, creating higher gas pressures. When the compressed gas reaches the center of the fixed scroll member, it is discharged. Several pockets of gas are compressed simultaneously. The result is a smooth, nearly continuous compression cycle -- smoother, more efficient, quieter than any other kind of compressor. Because of its axial compliance, Copeland’s Compliant Scroll Compressors create a continuous seal to ensure that excessive wear will not reduce performance and efficiency. In fact, the Compliant Scroll actually “wears in” over time to improve its operating characteristics and reduce compressor sound. Strong engineering and manufacturing support explains why the Copeland Scroll is the leading scroll compressor in quality and reliability. The Copeland Scroll provides you with higher efficiency, lower sound levels, superior durability and unsurpassed reliability. Copeland's unique patented scroll design enhances reliability by its superior ability to survive liquid problems; the scroll spirals separate when liquid refrigerant or foreign material is introduced. Durability is based on a very robust design and contains only a few moving parts. Because the Copeland Scroll starts unloaded, strain on the motor is considerably reduced. At rough operating conditions, the spirals come apart, protecting the compressor from damage. In fact, the performance of a Copeland Scroll gets better with time: it "wears in", not out. The Copeland Scroll consistently provides end-users with more comfort, due to humidity and temperature control, as a result of its superior load matching capability. Superior system efficiency is achieved through Copeland's Scroll leak-free compression, low heat transfer from discharge to suction, smooth continuous compression, and unobstructed gas flow. This high efficiency enables OEM system manufacturers to get significant savings in the design of their condensers. End-users benefit from substantial energy cost reductions. Today's market puts more emphasis on low-sound systems. The Copeland Scroll is by far the quietest compressor in the industry since its compression is accomplished through a continuous, smooth compression process. There is no noise associated with valves or piston strokes. Discharge gas and pulse and vibration are kept at a low level.

Used In Armstrong Equipment Model Numbers:

5PWC183A-1B 5PWC183A1B