20 Mfd 370 Volt Oval Run Capacitor

20 Mfd 370 Volt Oval Run Capacitor
Code: CAP20370
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Capacitor,20 Mfd,370 Volt

Oval Run Capacitor
MFD Rating 20
Voltage Rating 370 Volts
Terminals 1/4 Inch Quick Connect
Temperature Operating Range -40 Degrees F To 156 Degrees F Or -40 Degrees C To 70 Degrees C
Construction Sealed Aluminum Case And Steel Cover
Shape Oval, Height 2 7/8 Inches
Width 2 15/16 Inches
Depth 1 15/16 Inches

Replaces Capacitor Part Numbers:

B9456-65 B945665 53H1301 53H13 024-20051-000 024-13530-000 024-13583-000 024-19178-000 A802-130 CPT-316 97F9603 37200H 39232D28 325P206H37A36N4X 325P206H37C25N4X 97F5463 97F5603 12014 RC014 RC37X20 CPT316 CPT00316 CPT0316 621560 02420051000 02421062700 02413530000 02413583000 02419178000 A802130 1200620 100194 P291-2003 97F9603BX P2912003 1094961 MPP2206370J CAR6X660 CAR2GE83.

Used in Air Conditioning and Heating Brands: Airquest, Arcoair, Clare, Comfortmaker, Heil, Kenmore, Tempstar, Snyder General, Intercity Products, Whirlpool.

Used in Coleman York Heating Cooling Equipment:

Used In Goodman, Amana, Janitrol Equipment Model Numbers:
GUO753 GUO75-3 GU075-3 GU0753

Used in ICP Equipment Models:

R4GA-048K096C R4GA048K096C PAHA042GA PAHA042HA PAHA048G PAHA048H PYHA042GC PYHA042GD PYHA042GE PYHA042HC PYHA042HD PYHA042HE PYHA048G PYHA048GD PYHA048GE PYHA048HC PYHA048HD PYHA060GC PYHA060GD PYHA060GE PYHA060HC PYHA060HD PYHA060HE 7900-7751 SHP60-25A SHP60-6A B1SP060A06 B1SP060A25 BAHTF060A BAHTT060A DGAA056BDTA DGAA070BDTA DGAA070BDTB DGAA077BDTA DGAA077BDTB DGAA090BDTA DGAA090BDTB DGAH056BBSA DGAH077BBSA DGAH077BBSB DGPA056ABTA DGAH077BBSA DGAH077BBSB DGPA070ABTA DGPA077ABTA DGPA090ABTA DGPH056ABTA DGPH070ABTA DGPH077ABTA DGPH090ABTA F1CP060 HCECF012AA HCECF012AB HCECF012SA HCECF012SB T2BX013E00406A B2SP060A06A B2SP060A06B B2SP060A25A B2SP060A25B BBHTF060A BBHTT060A D1PM060E01525A D1PM060E02525A D2PM060E01525A D2PM060E02525A DDUTF060A DDUTT060A T3BX009E00306A T3BX011E00306A T3BX014E00406A 38EB036350 38QB042300 38QF036300 48KH048300 48KH048310 48KH148300 48KH148310 48KHA048300 48KHA048310 50HS042310 50HS042510 50HS042610 50HS048800 50HS060800 50SS048800 50SS060800 50ZP048310 50ZP048510 542EPX060000AAAP 564ANX048000ABAG 564APX048000ABAG 62AQ060300 655AEX042000ABAG 655ANX042000ABAG 655ANX042000JBAG 655APX042000ABAG 655APX042000JBAG CHA0100H2D CHA0100M1D CHA0150H1D CHA0150L5D CHA0150M1D CHA0200M5D PA1ZNA048000ABAA PA1ZPA048000ABAA 79007751 SHP6025A SHP606A ACC120GHAB ACC120GLAB APFM48L000A APFM48L000E APFM48S000A APFM48S000E APFM60L000A APFM60L000B APFM60L000E APFM60S000A APFM60S000B APFM60S000E CAC120GHAB CAC120GLAB CAC120GLBA CAC120HAA CAC120HAB CAC120LAA CAC120LAB CAC120LBA HPFM48L000A HPFM48L000E HPFM60L000A HPFM60L000E PA5548AHA1 PA5548AHA2 PA5548AHA4 PA5548AHA5 PA5548AHA6 PA5548AKA1 PA5548AKA2 PA5548AKA4 PA5548AKA5 PA5548AKA6 PA5548AZA1 PA5548AZA4 PA5548AZA5 PA5560AHA1 PA5560AHA2 PA5560AHA4 PA5560AHA5 PA5560AKA1 PA5560AKA2 PA5560AKA3 PA5560AKA4 PA5560AKA5 PA5560AZA1 PA5560AZA4 PA5560AZA5 PA9548AKA1 PA9548AKA2 PA9548AKA4 PAF048L000A PAF048L000E PAF048S000A PAF048S000E PAF060L000A PAF060L000B PAF060L000E PAF060S000A PAF060S000B PAF060S000E PAPA48GA1 PAPA48GA2 PAPA48GA4 PAPA48GA5 PAPA48GA6 PAPA48HA1 PAPA48HA2 PAPA48HA4 PAPA48HA5 PAPA48HA6 PAPA48ZA1 PAPA48ZA4 PAPA48ZA5 PAPA60GA1 PAPA60GA2 PAPA60GA3 PAPA60GA4 PAPA60GA5 PAPA60HA1 PAPA60HA2 PAPA60HA4 PAPA60HA5 PAPA60ZA1 PAPA60ZA4 PAPA60ZA5 PAPC48GA1 PAPC48GA2 PAPC48GA4 PGAD36D1LB PGAD36D1LC PGAD36E1LB PGAD36E1LC PGAD60G1LB PGAD60G1LC PGB060G1LD PGB060G1LE PGME36F090B PGME36F090C PGME36F115B PGME36F115C PGME60F150B PGME60F150C PGMF60F150D PGMF60F150E PH5548AHA1 PH5548AHA2 PH5548AHA4 PH5548AHA5 PH5548AHA6 PH5548AKA1 PH5548AKA2 PH5548AKA4 PH5548AKA5 PH5548AKA6 PH5548AZA4 PH5548AZA5 PH5560AHA1 PH5560AHA2 PH5560AHA4 PH5560AHA5 PH5560AHA6 PH5560AKA1 PH5560AKA2 PH5560AKA4 PH5560AKA5 PH5560AKA6 PH5560AZA4 PH5560AZA5 PHF048L000A PHF048L000E PHF060L000A PHF060L000E PYPA48GA1 PYPA48GA2 PYPA48GA4 PYPA48GA5 PYPA48GA6 PYPA48HA1 PYPA48HA2 PYPA48HA4 PYPA48HA5 PYPA48HA6 PYPA48ZA4 PYPA48ZA5 PYPA60GA1 PYPA60GA2 PYPA60GA4 PYPA60GA5 PYPA60GA6 PYPA60HA1 PYPA60HA2 PYPA60HA4 PYPA60HA5 PYPA60HA6 PYPA60ZA4 PYPA60ZA5

Used in Armstrong Lennox Equipment Model Numbers:

G1D91AU125D20D-1A HS17-813-4Y HS17-813-4-Y HS178134Y

Used in Carrier, Bryant, Payne Equipment Models:

555AQX060000JAAG 564ANX048000ABAG 564APX048000ABAG 585EJW048125 50YH060900 50YH060910 48KH048300 48KH048310 48KH148300 48KH148310 50HS048800 50HS060800 48KHA048300 48KHA048310 50YQ060900 38QB042300 50HS042310 38QB048300 50HS042510 50HS042610 585JJW048125 585JJW048125 PH1PEA042000ABBA 38QF036300 48GH048301 48GH048311 48GH048321 PH1PNA042000ABBA PH1PPA042000ABBA 38SR012300 655AQX048000JAAG 655AEX042000ABAG 655ANX042000ABAG CHA0100H2D CHA0100M1D CHA0150H1D CHA0150L5D CHA0150M1D 655ANX042000JBAG CHA0200M5D 38EB036350 62AQ060300 655APX042000ABAG 655APX042000JBAG 48PGEC06A50 50ZP048310 50ZP048510 PA1ZNA048000ABAA PA1ZPA048000ABAA 50SS048800 50SS060800 585EJW048125CA 585EJW048125CB 555AQX048000JAAG