Air Handler Space Gard 2200, 2250,Replacement Filters

Air Handler Space Gard 2200, 2250,Replacement Filters
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Spaceguard Filter Description

Original Aprilaire/Space-Gard # 201 filters for Aprilaire or SpaceGard 2200, 2250 air cleaners.

Replacement Filter, Replaces Spaceguard Filters

Unit of Measure: 1
What is the media constructed of? All of the media types:

# 201 Aprilaire Air cleaner Filter, 201, 401, 501, 261, 275 are made of blanket glass micro-fibers.

Does my air cleaner have a specific direction when it is being installed? Yes.
There are airflow arrows on the inner housings of all of our units, which indicate the proper direction for airflow.
The air cleaners must be installed in this manner to ensure proper support for the air cleaner media.
The correct installation allows the media to operate efficiently and last a long time.

HEPA filters are very efficient at removing extremely small particles from small volumes of air.
However, HEPA filters restrict airflow in addition to pollutants, so these systems can not be used to filter all of the air going through a residential furnace. Aprilaire’s air cleaner uses the same types of filtration as HEPA filters, but with a lower restriction to airflow.
This means you can filter all the air moving through the furnace.
Air can be cleaned throughout the entire home, not just a single room.
The complete line of Aprilaire air cleaners offers units for general air cleaning needs and an electronic air cleaner that is the most efficient (non-HEPA) residential air cleaner on the market.
Replaces Part Numbers: FIL201, CAR4E438, 201, 2250, 2200, CAR2200

Used in Equipment Models:

7A2036A100AO, 7A2036A100A0