"Polyester Pad Filter 20"" X 25"" X 1"" cut to fit. I year Supply."

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"Description Polyester Pad Filter, Nominal Height 20 Inches, Nominal Depth 1 Inch, Nominal Width 25 Inches, Precut, Carton Quantity 4. Only shipped in quantities of 4. Polyester Filter Media Pads:Polyester offers higher arrestance and dust holding capabilities than most fiberglass filters.Frequently used to replace fiberglass filters which can fragment and send fibers into the airstream.For most all brands of all Heating and Air Conditioning Equipment.Filter can be cut to size for each brand and size of equipment. Unit of Measure: 4 Manufacturer: AIR HANDLER Mfg. TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS Carton Quantity: 4 Nominal Depth (Inches): 1 Nominal Height (Inches): 20 Nominal Width (Inches): 25 Model#: 166BW20251 Unit of Measure: 4 Manufacturer: AIR HANDLER Mfg. Model#: 166BW20251 "