5.0 K.W. 5000 Watts 208/230/240 Volt Restring Kit.

5.0 K.W. 5000 Watts 208/230/240 Volt Restring Kit.
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5.0 K.W. 5000 Watts 240 Volt Restring Kit.

Stretch Length: 40"-125"

Universal restring Kit for most all brands of heating furnaces:

Includes one close wound coil, two 10/32" x 1-3/4" screws attached, two female ceramiic bushings, twwo male ceramic bushings, nuts and washers.
Includes one 300 degrees fuse link.

This kit can be used to repair burnt out heating elements in Electric Furnaces and Heat Pump Air Handler Heating Assemblies. Each element will produce 5000 watts @ 240 Volts.
Example: if the K.W Rating of your Furnace or Air Handler with a total of (2) heating assemblies, producing 10.0 K.W. you would order (2) 5000 watt units if both of your elements need changing. ( 5000 watts=5.0 K.W. ) Only qualified people should be installing these kits.
Installation Note:
If you have burnt elements, it usually means you don't have enough air moving over the elements and they have gotten too hot. Check your filter and coil for cleanliness or increase blower motor speed to increase the airflow!



The Coil should be evenly streched a minimum of 1-1/2 to 5 times the close wound length.

Electric Heat Strip Kit 5.K.W.


Watts 240 Volts:5000
Watts 208 Volts:3750
Watts 480 Volts:3750
Length:40" to 125"

Used to Replace Part and Model Numbers:

P-8-9263 P89263 P-8-9253 P89253 631-9630 6319630 631963 N224 21-2146 212146 47A37 47A3701 82A53 DH5000 82A5301 LB-28182A LB28182A 35A9001 35A90 37A4101 37A41 47A3101 47A31 LB-28053A LB28053A 47A3201 47A32 47A3401 47A34 47A3501 47A35 47A3701 47A37 LB28182A LB-28182A 47A3801 47A38 LB-28183A LB28183A 61474 P-8-9345 P89345 61792 P-8-10034 P810034 LB-28054A LB28054A LB-28056A LB28056A LB-28180A LB28180A P-8-10496 P810496 P-8-9345-1 P893451 85A7001 27C3801 85A70 27C38, 3120B750, 917153, CHPI48A, CHP148A, 17-DH500, CHP136A, ELE5KW, CHPI24A, 40EB025300, DH500, 34601, CARDH5000 CARL36953.

Used to Replace Obsolete Heat Strip Kits in Equipment Models:MAC2454, F2454MAC71RE30-04, E2454MAC71AP30-04, 15EF24A1A, B2BM042K-B, 4H65BED4150.

Heat Strip Re-String Kit Replaces many Obsolete Heat Strip Models:

300060-001 300060001 300050-001 300050001 CB11-26-341-1P CB11263411P E12Q2-15-1P E12Q2151P HQ712429HC 300050-001 NAXB003AH01 NAXD003AH01 NAXD003AH02 NAXE003AH01 NAXE003AH02 WFC10027 NFCX4800