Heat Pump Defrost Control Circuit Board (BDP, Bryant, Carrier)

Heat Pump Defrost Control Circuit Board (BDP, Bryant, Carrier)
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Replaces Heat Pump Circuit Board Part Numbers:

HK25SZ359 HK25SZ359A CEAS410195-01 CEPL110104-02 CEAS410104-01 CEAS410104 CEAS4101-04 HK32FA006 HK32FA003 HK25SZ359 HK25SZ359A CESO110021-00 P771-1027 HK255Z359 HK25SZ359A 24-ICM320 DFOR-AB1016 DF0R-AB1016 1160719 ICM320 CNT02898 CNT2898 92N83 HK32FA003 HK32FA006 CESO110021-00 P771-1027 CARB13020 HK25SZ359 HK32FA006A HK32FA006 CARB12480 CARICM320.

It is Highly Recommended when replaceing this Defrost Circuit Board that the Thermostat Sensor Be Replaced at the same time Part Number: HH18HA280A.

Input Control Voltage: 18-30 VAC.
Frequency: 50/60 Hz.
Power Consumption: 1 watt maximum.
Output Type: Maximum Relay.
Form: SPST, normally open.
Rating: 2 amps.
Time Delay Defrost Time: 10 minute fixed +/- 5%.
Interval Time: pin selectable 30/60/90 minute.
Power On Reset Time: 500 milliseconds.
Test Time: Short Across Test Terminals-reduced test time 256x Installation & Diagrams.
1.Disconnect Power.
2.Connect terminals in series with the device.
3.Reapply power and check operation.

Provides a selectable time interval between defrost cycles.
It will allow heat for the selected 30/60/90 minute period and provide a 10 minute defrost.
A hold input permits the timer to accumulate time only while the compressor is running.
Additionally, a warm coil causes the disc sensor to open which will prevent time accumulation or end in an in-progress defrost period.
When the defrost period ends either by opening the DFT or after the 10 minute defrost period has elapsed, the timer is reset.

SEQUENCE OF OPERATION: •During Heating the “Y” terminal is energized, & the time logic is energized. •Timer tracks compressor run time to the interval selected. 30/50/90. •When timer sequence is reached, logic checks the status of the defrost thermostat. If the DFT is open, unit does not need defrosting and the timer is reset. • •IF DFT is closed, reversing valve is energized, the outdoor fan is turned off, and the strip heat is turned on.(W2). • •Maximum of 10 minutes or until the DFT opens. • •Defrost sequence configured in the field for 30, 50, and 90 minutes (factory/default set 90 min.)

FORCED DEFROST:•Jumper the R to DFT terminal on the board • •Short the speed up terminal together until the units goes into defrost • •As soon as defrost is started remove your jumper from the speed up terminals or the 10 minute defrost will be shorted to 10 seconds • •Defrost will stop when 10 minutes has past or as soon as the DFT jumper is removed.

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