Ignition Control Module with Heyco Wiring.(Johnson Controls)

Ignition Control Module with Heyco Wiring.(Johnson Controls)
Code: IGM600AY1C
Price: $314.89
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Johnson Controls Ignition Control Module with Heyco Wiring.

These ignition controls are reliable, proven circuitry
replacements for G60, G65, G67, G77, and CSA controls.
In most cases the replacement controls have mounting
configurations identical with the original device.
Replacement controls feature precision timing for lockout
models. Ignition control replacement parts must be used
only for field replacement of existing equipment. These
replacements parts must not be used for new field applications.
Servicemen installing replacement valve body assemblies should
be sure the regulator setting meets the OEM nameplate requirements
so the appliance is not over-fired. Check regulator setting with
a manometer.

100% Lockout: No
Damper Plug: No
Remarks: 24 VAC, Heyco Wiring Connections

Replaces Part Numbers:
G600AY-K G600AY-1C G600AY-1 CARG600AY1C.