P545 Series Electronic Lube Oil Control 120sec L/O 12.75#

P545 Series Electronic Lube Oil Control 120sec L/O 12.75#
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Manufacturer: Johnson Controls

Description: ElecLubeOil 120sec L/O 12.75#

P545 Series Electronic Lube Oil Control

The P545 Series Electronic Lube Oil Control is designed for use on refrigeration compressors equipped with an oil pump that accepts a single-point differential pressure switch. The P400 switch continuously monitors net lube oil pressure and the P545 control locks out the compressor if lube oil pressure falls below the manufacturer’s recommended net pressure for longer than the recommended lube oil time delay. Front-mount Light-Emitting Diodes (LEDs) indicate the status of the lubrication system, and a user-selectable, minimum-off time delay can be set to minimize compressor short cycling.

Features and Benefits
�� Single-Pole Double-Throw (SPDT) Relay Contacts for Liquid Line Solenoid and Alarm Applications
Allows liquid line solenoid to be closed if the P545 control shuts off the compressor due to low oil pressure (minimizes refrigerant migration); provides alarm indication, including circuits that use neon lights.
�� Relay Contact Output for Compressor
Provides reliable, long-lasting operation
�� Built-in Test Circuit
Verifies proper control operation quickly, without additional tools or equipment
�� Improved Noise Immunity
Exceeds immunity requirements of UL 991 for transient overvoltage: IEC 61000-4-3 for radiated Radio Frequency (RF) and IEC 61000-4-6 for RF-induced conducted disturbances
�� Selection of Anti-short Cycle Time Delay
Allows choice of anti-short cycle strategy for a wide range of equipment requirements; possible elimination of external short-cycle timer
�� User-Friendly Display Panel
Displays the status of the compressor lubrication system continuously
�� Backwards Compatibility
Allows easy replacement of existing electronic lube oil controls

Replaces Part Numbers: P545NCB-22, CARP545NCB-22