1-1/4" Temperature Actuated Modulating Valve 115 to 180 F (Johnson Controls)

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The V47 is a temperature actuated modulating valve that regulates the flow of water or glycol to maintain a desired temperature. Three temperature ranges for each valve size are available.
Many valves come with a removable bypass plug that can be replaced by the bypass orifice provided separately with each valve.
Valve action is open on temperature increase.
For open on temperature decrease models, contact Application Engineering.


• no close fitting sliding parts in water passages
• range spring does not come in contact with the cooling water
• easy manual flushing, if required
• valve design minimizes chatter and water

V47 Series Temperature Actuated Modulating Valves
Maximum Bulb Temperature 20F° (-6.7 C°) above temperature range Maximum Water Temperature 170°F (77°C)
Maximum Supply Water Pressure 150 psig (1034 kPa)Capillary Length (a)
(a) V47AC-8 — Capillary Length 4 ft.
6 ft (1.83 m) Nylon Armor
Temperature Bulb Style 4 (b) (pictured)
(b) V47AB-2 — Temperature Bulb Style 1 (no 1/2 in. NPT male fitting) (1/2 in. NPT closed tank immersion)
Replaces Part Numbers:

V47AE-2, 246T10-1405, V47AE-3, TV13A, V47AE-4, V47AE-6, V47AE-9, V47AE4, V47AE-2C, CARV47AE2C hammer