60 Amp Fuse Safety Disconnect Switch Box (UNIVERSIAL)

60 Amp Fuse Safety Disconnect Switch Box (UNIVERSIAL)
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Electrical Safety Disconnect:


Amps: 60
Depth (Inches): 3.25
Height (Inches): 8.90
Width (Inches): 5.50
HP Rating: 10
Enclosure Type: Metal
Description Air Conditioner Disconnect Switch, Current Rating 60 Amperes, NEMA Type 3R Enclosure, Maximum Power 10 HP, Height 8.90 Inches, Depth 3.25 Inches, Width 5.50 Inches, 240 VAC, 2 Pole, 2 Wire, Fusible, Pullout and Fuseholder Switch

This 60 Amp Fuse SAfety Box can be used with 40, 50 and 60 amp fuses.

Used with 40 Amp Fuse Part Number:FUS40H.
Used with 50 Amp Fuse Part Number:FUS50H.
Used with 60 Amp Fuse Part Number:FUS60H.
Replaces Part Numbers:

ELED8317 MNP601580 06000 80317 13157 18032 7401 750-60F 75060F 755-60F 75560F 8063 8950 ACM222 ACR610M B222-60F B22260F C6000 C7360 DDS60 DPF222R SWT2412 SWT02412 SWTO2412 ED4061 FP222R MAFD60A MAR610B U065F1 UO65F1 WFS2060 CARG80182 CAR1H244 CARG89733 CAR83317

Used With Armstrong Equipment Model Numbers: