100 to 240F 6'Capillary Open High SPDT (Johnson Controls)

100 to 240F 6'Capillary Open High SPDT (Johnson Controls)
Code: TEMP19ADC31
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Johnson Controls 100/240F 6'CAP MR OPEN-HI SPDT

General Description
The Series A19 is a small, compact control with
adjustable or fixed differential. Controls supplied with
adjustable differential have an internal scale plate
indicating increments of differential. The controls are
supplied with adjusting lever at minimum differential
stamped on the control. To adjust move the lever to
the differential required. Models are available with or
without external range adjustment and visible scale.
External range adjustment may be by screwdriver slot
or range adjusting knob.
A built-in high cutout stop is an integral part of these
controls and may be adjusted quickly and easily in the
field. Product Number A19BAG-1 is especially
designed for portable heaters. It is supplied with a
6 ft cord, 120 V.A.C. polarized plug, and a chain hanger

These temperature controls are designed to cover a
broad range of uses for heating and general purpose
requirements. See “Application” column,
“Specifications” Page 2, for typical uses. Controls
have SPST contacts which open on temperature
increase or they may be supplied in single-pole,
double-throw contact action.
Various control ranges are available to cover working
temperatures from -30 to 550° F (-34 to 288° C).
Closed tank fittings and bulb wells are available for
immersion applications.
These controls are designed for open low and open
high applications. Where critical or high value
products are to be maintained within a specific
temperature differential, a single control should not
be applied to function as both an open low and open
high control. In these applications, a separate backup
control with alarm contacts should be wired to
indicate when the back-up control operates.

· Dependability -- precision snap-acting dusttight
· Dependability -- low volume, responsive liquid
filled sensing elements.
· Wide choice of temperature control functions with
a minimum number of models.
· Precision “repeat” accuracy which is unaffected by
barometric pressure and cross ambient problems.
· Special close differential models available.

Replaces Part Numbers:A19ADC-31C A19ADC-31, CARA19ADC-31C, CARA19ADC31C.