"J" Style Pilot 20" Spark Plug Lead (Includes Flame Sensor) (Johnson Controls)

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Includes Every Thing in the Photo

Part Specifications: J Style, Orifice Size : .023


1. Disconnect the pilot tubing.
2. Disconnect ignition wire and sensor wire.
3. Remove the pilot burner mounting screws.
4. Screw the sensing probe into the pilot bracket. Make sure the fitting is screwed completely into the bracket.
5. Install the selected replacement pilot using the screws that were holding the old unit. Make sure the screws are tight and secure.
6. Reconnect the pilot tubing.
7. Connect the sensing probe lead to the male spade connector on the probe.
8. Connect ignition wire to transformer terminal on ignition control.
9. Check for leaks and observe at least three complete operating cycles
to make sure all components are functioning properly.

Replaces Pilot Burner Part Numbers:

8245B2 8245132 Y75A5-2 8Z2103 LH31CM023 Q90BB-1C Q9088-1C Q90BB-1 J996DKW-7723 Y75AA-3 Y57JH-27 LH31CM023 LH660004 LH31CM017 LH660003 LH31CM300 J996DKW LH660004 LH31CM017 J996DKW-7723 LH660003 Q90BB-1C CARLH31CM300 CARQ90BB1 LH31CM035 CARJ996DKW7723 CARQ90BB1..

Used in Lennox Furnace Models:G16Q3-50-7.

Used in AirTemp Furnace Models: FUGE1055328.

Used with Johnson Controls Parts: G65BBG.

Used in Equipment Models:
EG6A100D-7 P-208-W-NV

Carrier Electronic Ignition Pilot Is Used In 32 Furnace Models:

48SB-042060301 48SB042060301 48DG006101 0174 B 48DG006111 0174 B 48DG006301 0174 B 48DG006311 0174 B 48DG006401 0174 B 48DG006411 0174 B 48DG006501 0174 B 48DG006511 0174 B 48DG006521 0174 B 48DG006601 0174 B 48DG006611 0174 B 48DG006803 0174 B 48DG006813 0174 B 48DG006903 0174 B 48DG006913 0174 B 48DP006100 0174 B 48DP006110 0174 B 48DP006300 0174 B 48DP006310 0174 B 48DP006400 0174 B 48DP006410 0174 B 48DP006500 0174 B 48DP006510 0174 B 48DP006520 0174 B 48DP006600 0174 B 48DP006610 0174 B 48DP006800 0174 B 48DP006810 0174 B 48DP006900 0174 B 48DP006910 0174 B 48EP006 0097 B 48EP008 0097 B 585JJ048125 Q90BB-1C 48SB030080301AA

Used in Gaffers Sattler Magic Chef furnaces: