Heavy Duty All Electric Heating Relay (Honeywell)

Heavy Duty All Electric Heating Relay (Honeywell)
Code: REL8229A1
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Honeywell Heavy Duty All Electric Heating Load Shed Relay:

Normally Closed Relay For Load Control Systems.
Close and leave load operating in case of wiring or control problem, or relay malfunction.
Consume no power while load is powered; require power only to shed load.
Operate directly from a pilot duty rated relay in the load control system.

Product Specifications:

Switching DPST.
Coil Ratings Voltage (V) 24 Vac.
Electrical Ratings, Contacts (full load) 2.8 A @ 600 Vac, 3.5 A @ 480 Vac, 7.0 A @ 120 Vac, 208 Vac, 240 Vac, 277 Vac.
Electrical Ratings, Contacts (locked rotor) 17.5 A @ 480 Vac, 14 A @ 600 Vac, 35 A @ 120 Vac, 208 Vac, 240 Vac, 277 Vac.
Electrical Ratings, Contacts (resistive) 10.0 A @ 600 Vac, 12.5 A @ 480 Vac, 25 A @ 120 Vac, 20/ Vac, 240 vac, 277 Vac.
Approvals, Underwriters Laboratories, Inc. UL Component Recognized.
Approvals, Canadian Standards Association Recognized.
Approvals, CE Approved.
Electrical Connections (main) #10 combination head screws.
Dimensions (in.) 2 3/16 in. high, 2 3/32 in. wide, 2 1/4 in. deep.
Dimensions (mm) 56 mm high, 53 mm wide, 57 mm deep.
Temperature Ratings (C) -40 C to +74 C.
Temperature Ratings (F) -40 F to +165 F.
Description Electric Heater Relay.
Replaces Obsolete Relay Part Numbers:

AS-90239-01 AS-90239-02 AS-90239-03 AS-90239-04 AS-90267-07 AS-90267-08 AS-90267-09 R8229A1005 R8229A1021 3110-3831 RB229A1047 R8229A1047 R8229C1035 R8229A1047 RB229C1035 3110-3831 7489B6 42-19736-13 42-19736-14 R8229A R8229C1001, R8229AC 1001 CARR8229A1005.

Used in Rheem Ruud Equipment Models:

RHQA-1620U UHQA-1620U UHQA1620U RHQA1620U WHQA-1620U WHQA1620U MHQA-1620U MHQA1620U RHQA-1315J UHQA-1315J WHQA-1315J RHQA1315J UHQA1315J WHQA1315J RHQA-13155

Used In Armstrong Equipment Model Numbers:

MCE42-F25D2F K37R MCE42-F25D2FK37R MCE42F25D2F K37R MCE42F25D2FK37R MCE42-F25D2F-37R MCE42-F25D2F-3 MCE42F25D2F-37R MCE42F25D2F-3 MCE42-F25D2F37R MCE42-F25D2F3 MCE42F25D2F37R MCE42F25D2F3