Honeywell New Upgraded Ignition Control Module

Honeywell New Upgraded Ignition Control Module
Code: IGM660010
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Ignition Control Part Specifications

Model : S86E Intermittent Pilot Module

Field service replacement for most Honeywell, Robertshaw, Johnson, and UTEC (HSC) Intermittent Pilot Ignition Modules.
Provides electronic control of most intermittent pilot ignition systems used on gas-fired furnaces, boilers, and other heating appliances.
Provides ignition sequence, flame monitoring and safety shutoff for intermittent pilot central furnaces and heating appliances.
Provides 100 percent pilot gas shutoff if pilot fails to light; after 6-minute delay, trial for ignition is repeated.
Ignition trial/delay sequence is repeated until the appliance lights or call for heat is removed.
For use with Natural or LP gas.
For use in single rod or dual rod/remote sense applications.
Includes relay contacts for use with any intermittent pilot gas control string with maximum 1.0A pilot or 2.0A main valve rating; Honeywell VR8204, VR8304 or VR8345M combination gas control recommended.
Functional equivalent of S86, S8600, S8610U, and S90 modules.
Includes spark cable adapters to allow field replacement of both Honeywell and competitive controls without replacing existing spark cable.

Used in Furnace Models:HCS120, IC85D42A.

Replaces Ignition Module Part Numbers:

LH660010, S 8660D, CARS8610U

Used In 108 Carrier Furnace Models:

BS2AAN000112AAAA 0023 BS2AAN000150AAAA 0023 BS2AAN000187AAAA 0023 BS2AAN000225AAAA 0023 BS2AAN000262AAAA 0023 BS2AAN000299AAAA 0023 BW2AAN000037AAAA 0027 BW2AAN000070AAAA 0027 BW2AAN000105AAAA 0027 BW2AAN000140AAAA 0027 BW2AAN000175AAAA 0027 BW2AAN000210AAAA 0027 BW2AAN000245AAAA 0027 BW2AAN000280AAAA 0027 BW3AAN000042AAAA 0032 BW3AAN000075AAAA 0032 BW3AAN000112AAAA 0032 BW3AAN000150AAAA 0032 BW3AAN000187AAAA 0032 BW3AAN000225AAAA 0032 235BAW002037AAAA 0027 235BAW002070AAAA 0027 235BAW002105AAAA 0027 235BAW002140AAAA 0027 235BAW002175AAAA 0027 235BAW002210AAAA 0027 235BAW002245AAAA 0027 235BAW002280AAAA 0027 235CAW002037AAAA 0027 235CAW002070AAAA 0027 235CAW002105AAAA 0027 235CAW002140AAAA 0027 235CAW002175AAAA 0027 235CAW002210AAAA 0027 844-8440, LH660010.