Hot Surface Igniter Direct Factory Replacement Part (White Rodgers)

Hot Surface Igniter Direct Factory Replacement Part (White Rodgers)
Code: HSI767A366
Price: $63.84
Quantity in Basket: None
Igniter Description:

White Rodgers Surface Ignitor
Electrical Connections 2 Terminal Receptacle with 0.084 Inch Male Pins
Ceramic Insulator Mounting Locator Tab on Right Hand Side


Electrical Connections: 2 Terminal receptacle with .084 male pins
Ceramic Insulator Mounting Locator: Tab on right hand side

Replaces Igniter Part Numbers:

21D64-001 21D64-1 21D64001 21D641 F767A-366 F767A366 67900 67915 46-3305 463305 IG1000 025-25462-000 02525462000 525-38481-000 52538481000 767A-311 767A-364 767A-366 767A311 767A364 CAR5E813 CAR767A366

Unit of Measure: 1

Used In York/Coleman Equipment Model Numbers:

MAMULD12L057A P1CCD08N04501A P1CCD12N06101A P1CCD12N07601A P1CCD16N07601A P1CCD16N09101A P1UCD08N06101A P1UCD12L04601A P1UCD12L04601B P1UCD12N06101 P1UCD12N07601A P1UCD16L07601A P1UCD16N07601A P1UCD20L09101A P1UCD20L09101B P1UCD20N09101A P1UCD20N09101B P2UCD08N06101A P2UCD12N06101A P2UCD12N07601A P2UCD16N07601A PAMDLD08N057A PAMDLD12N076A PAMDLD12N095A PAMDLD16N095A PAMDLD16N114A PAMULD08N076A PAMULD12N057A PAMULD12N057B PAMULD12N076A PAMULD12N095A PAMULD16L095A PAMULD16N095A PAMULD20L114A PAMULD20N114A PAMULD20N114B PBMULD08N076A PBMULD12N076A PBMULD12N095A PBMULD16N095A P1CCD12N06101A P1CCD12N06101B P1CCD12N06101C