New Upgraded Ignition Control Module (ICP, Heil, Fenwal)

New Upgraded Ignition Control Module (ICP, Heil, Fenwal)
Code: IGM1380691
Price: $219.88
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Comfortmaker, Heil, Fenwall Ignition Module.

Ignition Module Replaces Part Numbers: 35-605605-115, 35-605605-115, 35-6056051-15, 35605605115, 24-60D605-115, 2460D605-115, 05-296666-155, 595041490, 1380691, 35606605115, CAR829-007, CAR1380691, CAR35-605605-115.

Used in Air Conditioning and Heating Brands: Airquest, Arcoair, Clare, Comfortmaker, Heil, Kenmore, Tempstar, Snyder General, Intercity Products, Whirlpool and many other brands.

Used in ICP Equipment Models:

PGMA024G075IN1 PGMA030G075IN1 PGMA036G075IN1 PGMA036G100IN1 PGMA036H075IN1 PGMA036H100IN1 PGMB024G050IN1 PGMB024G075IN1 PGMB030G050IN1 PGMB030G075IN1 PGMB036G050IN1 PGMB036G075IN1 PGMB036G100IN1 PGMB036H075IN1 PGMB036H100IN1 PGMB038F075 PGMB038F100 PGMB038F125 PGMB038H075 PGMB038H100 PGMB038H125 PGMB038N075 PGMB038N100 PGMB038N125 PGMB042G100IN1 PGMB042H100IN1 PGMB048F100IN1 PGMB048F125IN1 PGMB048G100IN1 PGMB048G125IN1 PGMB048H100IN1 PGMB048H125IN1 PGMB060F125IN1 PGMB060F150IN1 PGMB060G100IN1 PGMB060G125IN1 PGMB060G150IN1 PGMB060H100IN1 PGMB060H125IN1 PGMB060H150IN1 PGMB030G075IN1, PGMA024G, PGMA030G, PGMA036G, PGMA36H, PGMB024G, PGMB030G, PGMB036G, PGMB036H, PGMB038F, PGMBO36H100IN1, PGMB038H, PGMB038N, PGMB036H100IN1, PGMB042G, PGMB042H, PGMB042F, PGMB048F, PGMB048G, PGMB048H, PGMB060F, PGMB060G, PGMB060H.