Honeywell PA404 Pressuretrol® Controller.

Honeywell PA404 Pressuretrol® Controller.
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Honeywell PA404 Pressuretrol® Controller


Provide control for steam pressure.
Sensitive pressure-actuated diaphragm expands or contracts with pressure variations, moving a lever mechanism that operates the snap-switch.
Use PA404A as high limit safety controller for steam boilers; use PA404B as fan controller for suspension-type unit heaters.
Recommended for use with T8090A1056.
Contain spst snap-acting switch.
Adjust setpoint without removing the cover.
Set differential using a dial located inside the case.

Product Specifications

Switch Action Breaks at setpoint on pressure fall; Spst makes at set point plus differential on pressure rise.
Electrical Ratings (AFL) 5.1 A @ 240 Vac, 8 A @ 120 Vac
Electrical Ratings (ALR) 30.6 A @ 240 Vac, 48.0 A @ 120 Vac
Electrical Ratings (resistive) 7.2 A @ 277 Vac, 8.3 A @ 120 Vac, 8.3 A @ 240 Vac
Electrical Ratings (millivoltage) 0.25 @ 0.25 to 12 Vdc
Pilot Duty 150 VA @ 277 Vac
Operating Pressure Maximum (kPa) 137 kPa
Operating Pressure Maximum (psi) 20 psi
Adjustable Operating Pressure Range (kPa) 3 kPa to 62 kPa
Adjustable Operating Pressure Range (psi) 0.5 psi to 9.0 psi
Piping Connections 1/4 in. female pipe threads
Adjustable Scale Range (in. water) 0.5 psi to 9 psi
Adjustable Scale Range (kPa) 3 kPA to 62 kPa
Adjustable Differential (kPa) Additive: 7 kPa to 35 kPa
Adjustable Differential (psi) Additive: 1 psi to 5 psi
Approvals, Underwriters Laboratories Inc. UL Listed: File no. MP466, Guide no. MBPR.
Approvals, Canadian Standards Association CSA Listed: File no. LR1620.
Humidity Ratings 95% RH Non-condensing
Case Material Gray enamel finish
Dimensions (mm) 114 mm high, 86 mm wide, 58 mm deep
Dimensions (in.) 4 15/32 in. high, 3 3/8 in. wide, 2 1/4 in. deep
Application Safety control for steam heating boilers
Pressure Ratings (Set Point)(psi) Recommended minimum set point is differential setting plus 1 1/2 psi.
Pressure Sensing Element Stainless steel diaphragm
Pressure Surge (max. kPa) 345 kPa
Pressure Surge (max. psi) 50 psi
Switch Type spst snap-acting switch
Temperature Ratings (C) 66 C max.
Temperature Ratings (F) 150 F max.
Replaces Part Numbers:PA404A1033 PA404A1009, CARPA404A1033