120 Volts Thermocouple Gas Valve White Rodgers (Natural Gas or L.P. Gas)

120 Volts Thermocouple Gas Valve White Rodgers (Natural Gas or L.P. Gas)
Code: GSV36C01A4
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New Upgraded White Rodgers Thermocouple Gas Valve 120 Volts:

This multi-function gas controls combines into a single compact package the functions of 3-position gas cock, a main gas valve and a pressure regulator. The pilot outlet is plugged, but will accept a 1⁄4” pilot line connection. This control can be mounted in any orientation except upside down.
To permit replacement of a variety of valve sizes, this control is furnished with three reducer bushings (two 3⁄4” to 1⁄2” and one 1⁄2” to 3⁄8”). Also included is a conversion kit which allows this valve to be used at regulator settings of 4.2” W.C. to 11.0” W.C.

Description of Suggested Replacement:

Gas Valve, 3/4" X 3/4", 120 VAC, Plugged Pilot, Includes F92-0866 L.P. Kit, Reducer Bushings, No Line Interrupter, No Side Taps


Standing Pilot:Plugged
Thermocouple Type Gas Valve:Yes
Gas Pipe Inlet Size:3/4"
Gas Pipe Outlet Size:3/4"
Fast Opening:Yes
L.P. Conversion Kit Included:Yes
Flow Direct Str Thru:Yes
Reducing Bushings Included:Yes 3/4"x1/2" Upto 280,000 BtuH
Side Taps:No
Inlet Pressure Tap:Yes
Replaces Gas Valve Part Numbers:

36C01A-405, 36C01A-284, 36C01A-201, 36C01A-202, 36C01A-206, 36C01A-210, 36C01A-212, 36C01A-283, 36C01A-284, 36C01A-404, CAR36C01A475.