24V Spring Return Foot Mounted Actuator with 60 lb-in. torque (Honeywell)

24V Spring Return Foot Mounted Actuator with 60 lb-in. torque (Honeywell)
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24V Spring Return Foot Mounted Actuator with 60 lb-in. torque (Honeywell)


Reversing, proportional, spring-return motors used to operate dampers and valves when used in a series 90 control circuit.


• M9185 replace M945A,D,F and M955 motors.
• Can be adapted to series 70 control with interface modules.
• Contain integral helical springs to return motor shafts to normal position (full closed for M9185) on power interruption.
• Oil-immersed motor and gear train provide reliable performance and long life.
• Provide NEMA 3 weather protection with wiring box, when mounted upright.
• Up to six Modutrol motors can be driven by one series 90 controller using 4074BYK Resistor Bag Assembly or 221508A Resistor Board (see Accessories).
• Internal actuator motor and circuitry operate from 24 Vac. Line voltage model shipped with internal transformer.
• Double-ended, 3/8 in. (10 mm) square crankshaft.

Product Specifications

Description Modutrol IV™ Motor
Application Type Electric
Internal Auxiliary Switch 0
Fail Safe Mode Spring Return
Control Signal Proportional, 135 ohm
Feedback No
Motor shaft Dual-ended shaft
Torque/Force (lb-in., lb) 60 lb-in.
Torque/Force (Nm, N) 6.8 Nm
Stroke Adjustable; 90° to 160°
External Auxiliary Switches Available Yes
Voltage 24V
Frequency 60 Hz;50 Hz
Power Consumption Driving (VA) 24 VA
Electrical Connections Quick-connect terminals
Shaft Dimensions (in.) 0.375 in.
Shaft Dimensions (mm) 10 mm
Shaft Shape square
Mounting Foot mounted
Weight (lb) 9.562 lb
Dimensions (in.) 6 7/16 in. high x 5 1/2 in. wide x 8 3/4 in. deep
Dimensions (mm) 164 mm high x 140 mm wide x 222 mm deep
Temperature Range, Ambient (F) -40 F to +150 F
Temperature Range, Ambient (C) -40 C to +60 C
Deadweight Load on Shaft (Either End) (lb) 200 lbs.
Deadweight Load (Combined on both Shafts) 300 lbs.
Nominal Timing (sec) 30-60 sec
Shaft Rotation (upon control signal increase) Clockwise (as viewed from power end) (normally closed)
Auxiliary Switch Ratings AFL - 120 Vac 7.2A
Auxiliary Switch Ratings AFL - 240 Vac 3.6A
Auxiliary Switch Ratings ALR- 120 Vac 43.2A
Auxiliary Switch Ratings ALR- 240 Vac 21.6A
Approvals, Underwriters Laboratories Inc Listed File: E4436, Guide: XAPX
Approvals, Canadian Standards Association Certified: File No. LR1620, Guide No. 400-E
Approvals, CE EN55011 (Emission) EN50082-2 (Immunity) 73/23/EEC (LVD)
Includes Junction box and 220738A Adapter Bracket

Used In Equipment Model Numbers:

Replaces Part Numbers:M945A Series, M945D Series, M945F Series, M955 Series, M945A1009, M945A1017 M905G1007 M955A1024, M7285Q1016, M9185D1012, M9185D1004, MOT-1588, MOT1588, MOT01588, M945A1009, M945A1017, M905G1007, M955A1024, M130GGA1, M130GGA-1, CARM9185D1004