Main Controller Circuit Board (Goodman, Janitrol )

Main Controller Circuit Board (Goodman, Janitrol )
Code: CIB1809904
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Goodman, Janitrol Main Furnace Controller Circuit Board is a Direct Factory Replacement Part for Goodman, and Janitrol Forced Air Furnaces.

New Upgraded Circuit Board

Replaces Circuit Board Part Numbers:

1809904 B18099-04 B1809904 180990-4 B18099-00 B18099-03 B18099-02 B1809902 B18099-03 B18099-04 B1809904 B1809903 CARB1809904.

Used in Goodman and Janitrol Equipment Models:

PGB024050-1 GUN075-3B GUN100-4B GUN125-5B GUP120-5A GUPI050-3 GUPI075-3 GUPI075-4 GUP1075-4 GUPI100-4 GUPI100-5 GUS075 GUS100 GUS125 GDPI:075 GUPS125 gups100 PG042100-1AB GUPI100-4 GUPI120-5 All) GDPI0 GDPI1 Series (All) GUPS0, GUPS1, Series GUPI050-3 GUPI075-3 GUPI075-4 GUPI100-4 GUPI100-5 GUPI120-5 GUPS050-2 GUPS075-3 GUPS100-3 GUPS100-4 GUPS120-4 GUPS120-5 GUPS140-5 GUP1075-3 GUPX040-2 GUPX050-3B GUPX060-3 GUPX075-4B GUPX080-4 GUPX100-5 GUPX100-5B GUPX115-5 GUPX120-5B.

Circuit Board Measures 4-13/16" X 4".