Direct Factory Furnace Replacement Control Circuit Board 208/230 Volt (Nordyne, Miller, Intertherm)

Direct Factory Furnace Replacement Control Circuit Board 208/230 Volt (Nordyne, Miller, Intertherm)
Code: CIB903106
Price: $263.74
Quantity in Basket: None
New Upgraded Miller, Nordyne, Tappan Furnace Circuit Board. New Circuit Board Repairs many problems in older model units

Used in Nordyne, Miller, Intertherm and Thermal Zone Equipment Models:

G5RK096C-12 G6RAQ72C-16 GL1RA072C-16B G4RA096C-16 G5RA096-C-16 G5RA096-C-16 G5RA096-16 G5RA096-16C 65RA096-16C 65RA096C-16 G5RA096C-16 G5RA096-16 G5RA096-16C 65RA096-16C G5RA096-C-16 G5RA096-16 G5RA096-16C 65RA096-16C 65RA096C-16 G5RA096C-16 G6RAQ72C16 R4GA-048K096C R4GA048K096C G6RA072C-16 GRAQ72C-16 GRAQ72C16 FG6RK0726-12 FG6RK0726-12A G6RA072-16B G6RA07216B G5RA120-C G6RK060C-12 G6RK060C12 M2RC-080A-BN M2RC080A16BN M2RC-080A16BN G3, G4, G5, M2 and M3

Replaces Obsolete Circuit Board Part Numbers:

624631A 1012-955A 1012955A 62-45640 ELT-CB90-0045 ELTCB900045 624591-B 624628-0 624557 624564 902696 624628 902378 AA1011-2 AA10112 100-827 710128A 624591B 624631-A 624361A 624591-D 624591A 624591A 624631-0 6246310 9739A 6245640 PT-624631 PT624631 902378 903106 902696 624557-0 6245570 624591 AA1011-2 10082701 CAR903106..

Used in Equipment Furnace Models:

FG6RA072C-12 FG6RA072C12A G5RA072C-12 G5RA072C12 G5RA072-12 FR6RA-0450-08A FR6RA045008A G5RA07212 FG6RA 096C-16B FG6RA096C-16B FG6RA096C16B PGO36M072-1 PGO36M0721 PG036M072-1 PG036MO721 G6RA045-08 G6RA04508 G6RA060-12 G6RA06012 G6RA072-12 G6RA07212 G6RA072-16 G6RA07216 G6RA096-12 G6RA09612 G6RA096-16 G6RA09616 G6RA096-20 G6RA09620 G6RA120-16 G6RA12016 G6RA120-20 G6RA12020 G6RA144-20 G6RA14420 G6RC040-08 G6RC04008 G6RC040-12 G6RC04012 G6RC060-12 G6RC06012 G6RC080-12 G6RC08012 G6RC080-16 G6RC08016 G6RC100-16 G6RC10016 G6RC120-16 G6RC12016 G6RC120-20 G6RC12020 G6RD040-10 G6RD04010 G6RD060-10 G6RD06010 G6RD080-14 G6RD08014 G6RD100-14 G6RD10014 G6RD120-14 G6RD12014 G6RD120-19 G6RD12019 G6RK060-12 G6RK06012 G6RK072-12 G6RK07212 G6RK072-16 G6RK07216 G6RK096-16 G6RK09616 G6RK120-20 G6RK12020 G6RL040-12 G6RL04012 G6RL060-12 G6RL06012 G6RL080-16 G6RL08016 G6RL100-16 G6RL10016 G6TC092-VB G6TC092VB L1RA045C-08 L1RA045C08 L1RA054C-10 L1RA054C10 L1RA054C-12 L1RA054C12 L1RA072C-16 L1RA072C16 L1RA090C-16 L1RA090C16 L1RA108C-16 L1RA108C16 L1RA108C-20 L1RA108C20 L1RA126C-20 L1RA126C20 PGO36M072-1 PGO36M0721 PG036M0721 PG036M072-1 G6RC100C-16 G5RA120-C G3 G4 G5 M2 M3 G5RA120-C KG6RC080C-16 KG6RC080C16 GL1RA108C-16B GL1RA108C16B G5RK0961C-12 G5RK0961C12 G34R Series G5RA096C-16 G5RA096C16 G3RC080C-16 G3RC080C16 G5RA072C-72 G5RA07272 M2Rl100A-16BN M2R1100A16BN FG6RK G5RA120C-20 G5RA120C20 G3RC100C-20 G3RC100C20 G6RA072C16B G4RK072C-16 624591-A 624591A G6RK072C-12 G6RK072C12 G6RK G6RK072C FG6RA-0450-08A FG6RA045008A