120 or 208/240 VAC Electronic Motor Protector-Thermal Overload

120 or 208/240 VAC Electronic Motor Protector-Thermal Overload
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Motor Protector Series Electronic Modules combine high performance and function consolidation in order to provide reliable.


User Selectable Operating Voltage:
• 90-140 VAC RMS and 185-270 VAC RMS (based on field wiring)
Low Voltage Cutout:
• 85 (+/-5.5) VAC RMS (using 120 VAC input)
• 175 (+/-10) VAC RMS (using 208 VAC input) Over Temperature Trip:
• Any one (1) sensor input in excess of 11KΩ (+/- 1KΩ) Over Temperature Reset:
• All three (3) sensor inputs must be less than 3KΩ (+/- 500Ω)
Shorted Sensor Trip: • Any one (1) sensor input less than 250Ω (+/- 50Ω) Shorted Sensor Reset:
• All three (3) sensor inputs must be greater than 500Ω (+/- 100Ω)
N.O. Relay Contact Rating (M1, M2):
• 6 amp resistive @ 277 VAC RMS
• 4 amp inductive @ 277 VAC RMS
Low Power Consumption:
• 23mA (nominal) @ 120 VAC @ 25ºC
• 21mA (nominal) @ 240 VAC @ 25ºC
Terminal “L2” is Not Internally Connected:
• Provided for backward compatibility to competitor models
• Not required for new installations
Temperature Sensors:

• Monitors industry standard 3BA and 10BA sensors

Thermal overload of windings

Low–voltage cutout
Electrically isolated power supply for improved safety.
Power-off manual reset option
Automatic reset with minimum off-delay timer
Easy installation with no jumper wires necessary for voltage


Global commercial rooftop A/C
Global chiller applications
Industrial pumps
Material handlers
Elevators and escalators
Air compressors and industrial systems

Why is the 40AA series an improvement over the 30AA-32AA?

Improved safety and more robust design — The 40/41AA series has electrical isolation from the sensor circuit and the line.
Easier installation — The new design eliminates the use of a jumper wire for 120/240 voltage configuration.
Reduced size mounting hole — At the request of customers, the mounting hole size was reduced to 0.147 ± 0.003 inches.
This supports the use of a #8 self-tapping screw. Specifications for this screw are: Type: Self-piercing, slotted hex head with washer Size: #8
Length: 5/8" Long (0.625")
Replaces Part Numbers:T141AA160E, ICM441C, ICM-441, 31AA, 41AA, T115AA1600B/C, INT369B/C, MP50, T141AA1600E, 31AA1600E, MP13, MP23, MP33, T131AA, 42AA, 15AA1603 15AA1603B 15AA1603C 31AA1606E 31AA1600E 15AA1600B 15AA1600C 37304 37306 37322 37300 37302 071-98000-01 071-9800-00 071-0376-02 071-0397-01 071-0424-01 071-0376-01 071-0397-00 071-0424-00 241680 CARICM441..