10" Riser Duct Pipe 3 foot sections 3-1/4" deep designed to go in a 2x4 wall.

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10"x 3-1/4" Riser pipe is galvanized sheet metal K.D. (Knock Down Open Pipe) piping that is open until cutting and fitting is completed for the specific job. Once the seam is closed, it is locked permanently. The special size of 3-1/4" width enables piping for air flow to be installed in hard to reach areas and between wall stud openings. Sizes range from 8"x3-1/4" to 14"x3-1/4" diameter. Visit our Accessories Department for Tapes, Screws, Sealants and much more. We stock riser Boots which can convert riser pipe back to round ductwork. 36" Length each Riser pipe section. We can manufacture custom sizes so email or Call us Today.