Main Nox Furnace Burner Used in Brands(1-Burner Per Order) (ICP, Heil, Tempstar)

Main Nox Furnace Burner Used in Brands(1-Burner Per Order) (ICP, Heil, Tempstar)
Code: BURN61379
Price: $186.88
Quantity in Basket: None
Main Nox Furnace Burner Used in Brands(ICP, Heil, Tempstar)

Replaces Burner Part Numbers: CAR613709.

Used in Air Conditioning and Heating Brands: Airquest, Arcoair, Clare, Comfortmaker, Heil, Kenmore, Tempstar, Snyder General, Intercity Products, Whirlpool and many other brands.

Used in ICP Equipment Models:

867.762260 867.767260 867.767270 867.767271 867.767280 867.767281 867.768010 867.768020 867.768030 867.768040 867.768230 867.768231 867.768240 867.768241 867.768242 867.768280 867.768281 867.768282 867.768310 867.768360 867.768361 867.768362 867.768371 867.768372 867.768380 867.768381 867.768382 867.768390 867.768391 867.769450 867.769451 867.769452 867.769453 867.769454 867.769480 867.769481 867.769482 867.769483 867.769484 867.769485 867.769486 867.769490 867.769491 867.769492 867.769493 867.769494 867.769500 867.769510 867.769520 867.769530 867.769540 NDGE050AD01 NDGE075PF01 NDGE075PF02 NDGE075RF01 NDGE100AF02 NDGE100AH01 NDGE100AH02 NDGE100BF01 NDGE100BH01 NDGE100PH01 NDGE125PH01 NDGE125PH02 NDGK040CF01 NDGK040CF02 NDGK040KF01 NDGK040KF02 NDGK040KF03 NDGK040KF04 NDGK040KF05 NDGK040KF06 NDGK040KF07 NDGK050KF01 NDGK050KF02 NDGK050KF03 NDGK050KF04 NDGK050KF05 NDGK050KF06 NDGK050KF07 NDGK075CF01 NDGK075CF02 NDGK075KF01 NDGK075KF02 NDGK075KF03 NDGK075KF04 NDGK075KF05 NDGK075KF06 NDGK075KF07 NDGK075KF08 NDGK100CG01 NDGK100CG02 NDGK100KG01 NDGK100KG02 NDGK100KG03 NDGK100KG04 NDGK100KG05 NDGK100KG06 NDGK100KG07 NDGK125CK01 NDGK125CK02 NDGK125KK01 NDGK125KK02 NDGK125KK03 NDGK125KK04 NDGK125KK05 NDGK125KK06 NNBD040BF02 NNBD050BF02 NNBD075BF02 NNBD100BG02 NNBD125BK02 NNBU040BF01 NRGF24DCB01 NRGF24DCB02 NRGF24DKB01 NRGF24DKB02 NRGF24DKB03 NRGF24DKB04 NRGF30DCB01 NRGF30DKB01 NRGF30DKB02 NRGF30DKB03 NRGF30DKB04 NRGF36DCB01 NRGF36DCB02 NRGF36DCH01 NRGF36DKB01 NRGF36DKB02 NRGF36DKB03 NRGF36DKB04 NRGF36DKH01 NRGF36DKH02 NRGF36DKH03 NRGF42DKB01 NRGF42DKB02 NRGF42DKB03 NRGF42DKB04 NRGF48ECH02 NRGF48EKB01 NRGF48EKB02 NRGF48EKB03 NRGF48EKH01 NRGF48EKH02 NRGF48EKH03 NRGF60ECH02 NRGF60EKB01 NRGF60EKB02 NRGF60EKB03 NRGF60EKB04 NRGF60FKH01 NRGF60FKH03 NRGF60FKH04 NRGH24DDB01 NRGH24DDK01 NRGH30DDB01 NRGH30DDK01 NRGH36DDB01 NRGH36DDK01 NRGH42EDB01 NRGH42EDK01 NUGE050CG01 NUGE050CG02 NUGE060KG01 NUGE060KG02 NUGE075CH01 NUGE075CH02 NUGE075DH01 NUGE080KG01 NUGE080KG02 NUGE100CK01 NUGE100CK02 NUGE100DK01 NUGE105KG01 NUGE105KG02 NUGE125KH01 NUGE125KH02 NUGI040CD01 NUGI040KD01 NUGI045KD01 NUGI045KD02 NUGI045KD03 NUGI060CG01 NUGI060KG01 NUGI060KG02 NUGI080CH01 NUGI080KH01 NUGI080KH02 NUGI100CK01 NUGI100KK01 NUGI100KK02 NUGK040CF01 NUGK040CF02 NUGK040KF01 NUGK040KF02 NUGK040KF03 NUGK040KF04 NUGK040KF05 NUGK050CF02 NUGK075CG01 NUGK080CG02 NUGK100KH01 NUGK100KH02 NUGK100KH03 NUGK100KH04 NUGK100KH05 NUGK100KH06 NUGK100KH07 NUGK100KH11 NUGK105CG02 NUGK105CH02 NUGK125CK01 NUGK125KK01 NUGK125KK02 NUGK125KK03 NUGK125KK04 NUGK125KK05