Electronic On/Off Humidity Control10-90% w/DuctMtSensor

Electronic On/Off Humidity Control10-90% w/DuctMtSensor
Code: THE351AA2W
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Manufacturer: Johnson Controls

Description: Humid.10-90% w/DuctMtSensor
Category: Environmental Controls
Sub Category: Humidity Controls

System 350TM W351 Electronic On/Off Humidity Control

The W351 Electronic Humidity Control is an On/Off
humidity control. The control output is a Single-Pole,
Double-Throw (SPDT) relay with Light-Emitting Diode
(LED) indication. It features humidification and
dehumidification modes of operation and an adjustable
The W351 control is designed to work with an
HE-67S3-0N0BT Room Sensor Humidity Transmitter
or HE-67S3-0N00P Duct Sensor Humidity Transmitter.
As with all System 350 products, the W351 control
housing is a compact NEMA 1, high-impact plastic
enclosure. The modular design provides easy,
plug-together connections for quick installation and
future expandability.

Features and Benefits
❑ Modular Design Provides the flexibility to add up to five S351 Humidity Stage Modules (nine with a 24 VAC transformer), a D351 Humidity Display Module, and a Y350R Power Module
❑ Plug-together Connectors and 35 mm DIN Rail Mounting Eliminates wiring between modules and reduces installation costs
❑ Adjustable Setpoint Range of 10-90% RH Reduces inventory by covering the humidity range required to support most humidity applications
❑ Wide Adjustable Differential of 2-10% RH Enables the user to match the equipment cycle rate and sequencing for a given application
❑ Humidification or Dehumidification Modes of Operation Works in a variety of humidification or dehumidification applications
❑ Interchangeable Humidity Transmitters Increases versatility and serviceability

Replaces Part Numbers: W351AA-2, CARW351AA-2