Direct Spark Ignition Module ( 10 seconds Trial) (Fenwal, ICP Equipment)

Direct Spark Ignition Module ( 10 seconds Trial) (Fenwal, ICP Equipment)
Code: IGM35605601A
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Direct Spark Ignition Module.

4.7 seconds Trial Prepurge Time:15 seconds Fail Safe on malfunction
Spark interruption upon ignition

This Module can be used on Natural Gas, Manufactured or LP Gas. Up to three prepurge and trial for ignition periods before lockout.
This Module can be mounted vertically or horizontally. Reset from lockout is accomplished by interrupting power to system. Provides upto a 15 second delay before sparks are generated and valve is energized to permit main burner gas flow. Specifications:Input Voltage:24VAC, 50/60 Hz. Valve Relay contact rating:0.6A AMBIENT TEMPERATURE:-40F TO 150F.
Flame Failure Response Time:0.8 seconds.
**Prepurge Time:None **

Replaces Ignition Module Part Numbers

35-605601-005 05-296466-151 829-013 2460D606-111 05-296466-151 05-29666-151 2460D606-111 35-605601-005 1380668 605771 829-003 05-296426-755 05162426005 05-162426-005 05-162426-006 05-169009-005 05-169011-205 35-605601-005 B922800023 35605601005 05-296423-755 35-605601-005 2460D601-005 CARL37933 CAR829003 CAR35605601005

Used in Air Conditioning and Heating Brands: Arcoair, Comfortmaker, Goodman Heil, Kenmore, Tempstar, Synder General, Intercity Products

Used in ICP Equipment Models:

PGDB078H1651NI PGH036G100 INS PGDA024G050 PGDA024G075 PGDA036F050 PGDA036F075 PGDA036F100 PGDA036G050 PGDA036G075 PGDA036G100 PGDA036H050 PGDA036H075 PGDA036H100 PGDA048F075 PGDA048F100 PGDA048F125 PGDA048G075 PGDA048G100 PGDA048G125 PGDA048H075 PGDA048G100 PGDA048G125 PGDA060F075 PGDA060F100 PGDA060F125 PGDA060F150 PGDA060G075 PGDA060G100 PGDA060G125 PGDA060G150 PGDA060H075 PGDA060H100 PGDA060H125 PGDA060H150 PGDA078 PGDA090 PGDA024G050 PGDA024G075 PGDB036F050 PGDB036F075 PGDB036F100IN PGDB036G050IN PGDB036G075 PGDB036G075IN PGDB036G100 PGDB036G100IN PGDB036H050 PGDB036H075 PGDB036H100 PGDB036H100IN PGDB048F075 PGDB048F100 PGDB048F125 PGDB048G075 PGDB048G100 PGDB048G125 PGDB048H075 PGDB048H100 PGDB048H125 PGDB060F075 PGDB060F100 PGDB060F125 PGDB060F150 PGDB060G075 PGDB060G100 PGDB060G125 PGDB060G150 PGDB060H075 PGDB060H100 PGDB060H125 PGDB060H150 PGDB078 PGDB090 PGHA024G050 PGHA024G075 PGHA030G050 PGHA030G075 PGHA036G050 PGHA036G075 PGHA036G100 PGHA036H050 PGHA036H075 PGHA036H100 PGHA042F075 PGHA042F100 PGHA042F125 PGHA042G100 PGHA042G125 PGHA042H075 PGHA042H100 PGHA042H125 PGHA042F075 PGHA042F100 PGHA042F125 PGHA048G075 PGHA048G100 PGHA048G125 PGHA048H075 PGHA048H100 PGHA048H125 PGHA048F075 PGHA048F100 PGHA048F125 PGHA048F150 PGHA060G075 PGHA060G100 PGHA060G125 PGHA060G150 PGHA060H075 PGHA060H100 PGHA060H125 PGHA060H150 RGD6210483M12 PGHA030G075ILS PGHA036G100AIN PGHA036H100AIN HUGA150BK01 HUGA150CH01 HUGB055AD01 HUGB080AF01 HUGB105AG01 HUGB130AG01 HUGB150BK01 HUGB175BK01 HUGE080AG01 HUGE105AG01 HUGE125AH01 HUGE125AK01 HUGE125BH01 HUGF055AD01 HUGF060AG01 HUGF080AF01 HUGF105AH01 HUGF130AH01 NHGA150AK01 NUGA047AG01 NUGA060AG01 NUGA075AG01 NUGA100AH01 NUGA125AK01 NUGB050AD01 NUGB075AF01 NUGB100AG01 NUGB125AG01 NUGF050AD01 NUGF075AF01 NUGF080AG01 NUGF100AF01 NUGF105AG01 NUGF125AH01 NUGF130AK01 WUGB055AD01 WUGB080AF01 WUGB105AG01 WUGB130AG01 WUGE080AG01 WUGE105AG01 WUGE125AH01 WUGF055AD01 WUGF060AG01 WUGF080AF01 WUGF105AH01 WUGF130AH01 NDGB105CF01 NDGB105CF02 NDGB135CH02 NDGB175CK02 NDGF105CF02 NHGA060AF01 NHGA060BF01 NHGA060CF01 NHGA080CF01 NHGA100AH01 NHGA100LH01 NHGA100LH02 NHGA120AH01 NHGA120LH01 NHGA120LH02 NHGA120LK01 NHGA120LK02 NHGA150AK01 NHGA150CK01 NHGB080AF01 NHGB100AH01 NHGB120AK01 NHGB150AK01 NLGB150CH02 NLGB175LK02 NLGB210AK01 NLGB210CK01 NLGB210CK02 NUGB150EK03 NUGB175LK03