New Upgraded Relay Fan Timer Control(Honeywell)

New Upgraded Relay Fan Timer Control(Honeywell)
Code: RELT66092A
Price: $67.76
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Replaces Honeywell S876 Furnace Fan Timer Control.

New Upgraded Control is Adjustable.

New Upgraded Time delay fan control:

Dual function fan delay timer, on delay, off delay timing, sold state.
Controls circulating fan in heat pumps, air conditioners and forced air systems.
OFF Delay Purges Ducts of Residual Air.
ON Delay Brings Conditioned Air to specified temperautre prior to energizing fan.
Input 18-30 VAC, output SPST 1A max.

Time delays adjustable
ON: 1-180 seconds
OFF: 12-390 seconds
Replaces Obsolete Part Numbers: 050-11427 8405-5550 8405-5591 47-18878-01 52F6301 8201-144 61E5801 TMR154 SWT1972 S876A102A S876B1007 S87B1015 S876B1031 S876B1049 S876A1016 PSTD-000-060W PSTD-000-005WICM-254P 66092 S876A1016 CARICM254.

May be mounted in most locations without regard to plenum temperature. Push-on terminals. CARICM254.